Individual Aging vs. Population Aging

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<p>Individual Aging vs. Population AgingBy: Lemuel G. Salvana, RN MN</p> <p>At the end of this lecture, the listener will be able to;Define individual age in terms of:Chronological Age Physical Age Functional Age</p> <p>List Factors that affect individual aging Define Population aging in contrast to individual aging Describe the causes of population aging; and Describe population aging using population pyramids and other graphs.</p> <p>Individual AgingMeans growing older</p> <p>1. Chronological Age 2. Physical Age 3. Functional Age</p> <p>Population AgingA condition that describes the state of a population. Refers to the phenomenon where the proportion of older people to total population is increasing steadily so that a significant percentage now lives up to advanced old age. A country is considered to be aging if the proportion of people aged 60 and over is at least 7 percent of the total.</p> <p>Causes of Population AgingTheory of Demographic Transition describes the growth of populations over a long period of time in three stages:1. 2.</p> <p>The Pre-Transition stage(high birth and death rates = zero growth)</p> <p>Transition Stage (decline in births and decline in deaths but not an equal pace) 3. Post-transition stage(very low growth because both birth and death rates are equally low)</p> <p>Trends in Fertility Trends in Mortality</p> <p>POPULATION PYRAMID</p> <p>Economic and Sociocultural Implications of Population Aging</p> <p>Economic Implications</p> <p>Fewer people to contribute in the pay as you go system</p> <p>Increasing number of people who are no longer economically productive</p> <p>In the Phils, SSS and GSIS are not automatically pegged to inflation rates.</p> <p>Sociocultural Implications</p> <p>Developed Countries.</p> <p>Developing Countries (eg Philippines)</p> <p>Activity:In a sheet of paper, draw yourself and briefly describe the kind of life you would want when you reach 70 years of age</p> <p>Assignment:Research on the latest Population Pyramid of the Philippines and compare it with the population pyramid of any developed country. Write in a 1 short bond paper. Deadline: June 20, 2011</p>


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