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Presentation given by Janette Toral at Khoa Bui's Cashflow Mastery Seminar last July 20 at Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City. More info about the sites discussed at:


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2. Beforeyouthinkingaboutmaking money }Whats your passion? }Whats your purpose? }What keeps you going? 3. Porter Gale FUNNEL TEST Passion Passion Sweet Spot Purpose TONE Passion 4. Whats your personal business model? Is it sustainable? 5. Embracing change 6. Whats your end goal? 7. E-Commerce Income Opportunities Janette Toral 8. Websiteearningpotential }Community}Re-publishing}Advertising}Travel }Ex-deal}Consulting 9. Writingbooks }Book sales}Speaking invites }Brand build-up 10. Education Earning opportunities? 11. E-Learning Earning opportunities? }Sign-ups }Database generation }Referrals }Upgrade }Cross-selling }Partnership }Speaking engagements 12. DigitalFilipino Club Build a Community Until when? 13. Blog&SocialMediaEntrepreneur }Blogging}Social Media Marketing }Blogger / writers network}Advertisingmanagement}Website / blogmanagement 14. Case Study: Digital Influencer Community influencer #dimbootcamp 15. Face-to-faceBootCamps 16. Membership }Students can access Digital Influencer Boot Camp for free. }Protg members can join exclusive webinars. #dimbootcamp 17. BookEdition 18. Protgmembers- only 19. 20. DigitalInfuencers MarketingSummit 21. Blog&SocialMediaEntrepreneur }Blogging}Social Media Marketing }Blogger / writers network}Advertisingmanagement}Website / blogmanagement 22. Embracing change 23. Connect with people.Talk about shared passion. Live online. Live offline. 24. Build an identity people can resonate with. 25. Takethelead 26. Betrustworthy 27. Sparkurgency 28. Makepeoplewanttoknowmore 29. BeCreativeandBoldinyourApproach 30. Will people outgrow or forget you?Will you be memorable? 31. @digitalfilipino }Becoming a digital entrepreneur is all about embracing the fast game of change. BE competitive by pursuing your passion,build movements,and Lead by doing.