in some churches the adult sunday school is on auto pilot !

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In some churches the adult Sunday School is on auto pilot !. Renewing The Adult Sunday School Bill Alphin Virginia Baptist Mission Board 6/20/06. What is required to renew the adult Sunday School?. A transformed vision for ministry. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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In some churches the adult Sunday School is on auto pilot !RenewingThe AdultSunday School

Bill AlphinVirginia Baptist Mission Board6/20/06

What is required to renew the adult Sunday School?A transformed vision for ministry.A redefining of the purpose and role of the adult Sunday School in disciple making.A Transformed leadership base.A church structure that supports a balanced church ministry for adults.

Disciple making requires a system of groups that providesthree levels of relationships...Celebration/Worship group: (Unity)

ABF or Sunday School: (Fellowship/Networking)

Cell or small group: (Intimacy/accountability) The Big Picture...Entry ThroughWorship AssimilateThe AdultSunday SchoolClass/Dept.MoveToAppropriateGroups(Discipleship)Small GroupMinistriesKey: The desire for more.About the Adult Sunday School:Sunday School groups must be open. Open groups should not develop intimacy.

Sunday School groups do not have the allotted time needed to develop intimacy in relationships.

Sunday School provides for assimilation/evangelism, basic quality Bible study and caring. (Think of a three leg stool.)

As participants desire more they are directed to small group participation.#

Evangelismand AssimilationBible TeachingCare MinistryAdultSunday SchoolPrioritiesThe schedule and sequence for a renewed adult Sunday School class:Fellowship-Networking (15 min.)

Well planned Bible Study (30 min.)

Prayer and care time (10 min.)

Transformed LeadershipMentoring by the pastor/staff.Developing disciples that become visionary leaders through small group experiences.Communicate ministry vision and leadership expectations at point of enlistment.Continued training provide for leaders.Caution:

Many contemporarychurch models do not have traditionsthat include adult Sunday Schools.

Therefore, they often attempt tomake small groups accomplish thetasks Virginia Baptist churchesassign to the adult Sunday School.

Keep the faith and don't give up!