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    Section 1 Introduction

    Homework: Listen to each study song youve completed and circle where the Turnaround area is.

    Section 2 Approaches

    2011 David Barrett & The Harmonica Masterclass Co. for, All Rights Reserved

    Improvising Study 5 Turnarounds Support Material Written by David Barrett

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    Section 3 Turnaround Chord Tones

    I7 = G B D F V7 = D F# A C IV7 = C E G Bb ii7 = D F A C vi7 = E G B D

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    Section 4 Turnaround Licks

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    Section 5 Sony Analysis Rollin' Rhumba [Version 3] from 3rd Position Study Song #3 Section 6 Homework

    Homework Assignment #1 - The licks I presented come from ideas of my own and famous blues harmonica soloists (Walter, Cotton, Smith, Horton, Williamson, Wilson, Piazza, Estrin, and tons more). Consider this a library to research as youre looking for just the right Turnaround lick. Ive ordered them from least challenging to most challenging (bending control being the main determining factor). Listen to me play each lick and circle your favorite fivememorize themabsorb them into your playing and play them often. Get your calendar out and make a note for every six months to revisit these licks and grab five more. Homework Assignment #2 - Look at your instrumental with a critical eye in regards your Turnarounds. Replace the lackluster Turnarounds with great ones! No need to re-record and send in your instrumental again well do that later in the series. Helpful Hint Do you want to get good at the high end of the harmonica? If so, move each lick up an octave and youve doubled your lick vocabulary! Generally speaking, licks that contain no bending work best.