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<ul><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 1/18</p><p>Impression ManagementPerception of self image &amp; behaviour</p><p>Presentation by</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 2/18</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 3/18</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 4/18</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 5/18</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 6/18</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 7/18</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 8/18</p><p>This leads us to</p><p>Impressions</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 9/18</p><p>What is impression management?</p><p> Impression management refers to the activity of controlling information in order to</p><p>steer others opinions in the service of personal or social goals.</p><p> Impression management (IM) theory states that any individual or organization</p><p>must establish and maintain impressions that are congruent with the perceptions</p><p>they want to convey to the public (Erving Goffman, 1959)</p><p> The goal is for one to present themselves the way in which they would like to be</p><p>thought of by the individual or group they are interacting with. This form of</p><p>management generally applies to the first impression.</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 10/18</p><p>Tactics of Impression Management/ Self</p><p>Presentation</p><p>1. Ingratiation: This is a class of strategic behaviors illicitly designed to influence a</p><p>particular other person concerning the attractiveness of one's personal qualities.</p><p>The goal of ingratiator is being likeable. This involves complimenting another</p><p>person or indulging in flattery with certain amount of credibility and honesty. It also</p><p>involves conforming, another persons view point. It has been observed that we like</p><p>people who think or act like us.</p><p>2. Intimidation: In this strategy the person arouses fear among others to get the work</p><p>done. He does not care about being likeable, all he wants is to control others and</p><p>exercise his powers.</p><p>3. Self- promotion: This is a kind of advertising. The self-promoter wants to be seen as</p><p>competent in certain areas. He may acknowledge minor flaws in his skills while</p><p>emphasizing stronger points of his personality.</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 11/18</p><p>4. Exemplification: In this strategy, the person tries to elicit the impression of moral</p><p>worthiness and integrity while creating a feeling of guilt among others. When a</p><p>person says, I will finish this work even if I fall sick but you go and enjoy. he is</p><p>using this strategy.</p><p>5. Supplication: In this strategy the person advertises his weaknesses in order to get</p><p>sympathy. The person portrays himself as helpless to get the help from others.</p><p>Although, a person may use all the five tactics on different occasions, some people</p><p>specialize in one or two tactics. Sometimes they use more than one strategy to</p><p>influence others. Self-presentation tactics seem to be a matter of selecting certaincharacteristics and omitting others rather than a deliberate deception. Some</p><p>people may stick to one tactic for so long that it may become a consistent aspect</p><p>of their personality.</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 12/18</p><p>Some situations where we use IM</p><p> Organisations that adopt IM methods</p><p>- ABG (value driven)</p><p>- Tatas (trustworthy, family),</p><p>- Accenture (High-performance, Delivery)</p><p>At a party/ social gatheringAt an interview</p><p>In our MBA classAt our office/ work space</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 13/18</p><p>Some popular case studies of IM</p><p> Vijay Mallya</p><p> Business Tycoon</p><p> Impression:</p><p> Successful (constantly in news because of his</p><p>new acquisitions, brand/ product launches,</p><p>etc)</p><p> Stylish (always impeccably dressed whether</p><p>its formal business-dos or casual McDowells</p><p>evening</p><p> Flamboyant Flaunts the best of suits,</p><p>shoes, sun-glasses, cars, cigars, Lionel Richie</p><p>for a private birthday party!</p><p> Socialite seen with Page 3 and Bollywoodas well as international celebrities (like</p><p>Rolling Stones)</p><p> Technique - Self Promotion, Ingratiation,</p><p>Intimidating</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 14/18</p><p> Narayan Murthy</p><p> Founder of Infosys, Software Engineer</p><p> Impression</p><p> Simple, Hardworking, Focused man from</p><p>the South Of India</p><p> Example of dare to dream, thus being arole model for many Indians</p><p> Dresses in formal but simplistic styled</p><p>suits/ casuals. Does not indulge in</p><p>fashion or trends</p><p> Stays away from glamour, Bollywood or</p><p>any such associations Does not talk about his honours/</p><p>accolades until asked</p><p> Wife is involved in a lot of social projects</p><p> Technique Self Promotion/ Exemplification</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 15/18</p><p>Further</p><p> An individual might exhibit such different behavior not only because of his own</p><p>desire to be viewed somewhat differently by his public, but also because his public</p><p>(friend, family, colleagues, et) havedifferent expectations or demands regarding</p><p>what sort of person you should be</p><p> Impression management is not risk free.</p><p>Becoming excessively concerned over</p><p>others opinions can cause anxiety, thereby increasing health problems. And</p><p>engaging in highly deceptive forms of impression management runs the risk that</p><p>people will see through the act</p><p> Thus engaging in impression management can help to ensure that socialinteractions go smoothly</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 16/18</p><p>In conclusion</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 17/18</p><p>Therefore, what you see,</p><p>is not always what it is!</p></li><li><p>5/19/2018 Impression Management.ppt</p><p> 18/18</p><p>Thank you!</p></li></ul>