ICT - SME challenges in the global economy epoch ASTEL Annual Conference ‘Digital Democracy’

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ICT - SME challenges in the global economy epoch ASTEL Annual Conference Digital Democracy May 08th, 2008 Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgarian ICT Cluster. Main Strategic Directions of ICT Cluster Activities. Cluster Approach. Private initiative started in 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Cluster ApproachPrivate initiative started in 2005Platform for knowledge transfer and competitiveness

    Improvement of state ICT polices and practices via PPPImprovement of the ICT market conditions and business capabilitiesEducation, training and workforce developmentBranding, positioning and promotion

  • SME: Who they are?Bulgarian ICT sector today represents more than 5000 companies which employ more than 90000 high skilled specialist... quotation from Mr. Plamen Vachkov Chairman of SAICT, speech on CEBIT 2008


  • SME: Growth and sustainability?Global competition Fast changing technologiesWork force mobility and companies culture changesTechnologies versus BusinessServices versus Products

    InnovationEffective management

    Access to financingAccess to qualified and skilled human resourcesAccess to international marketsCost effective access to ICT toolsFriendly commercial and legal frameworkLow level administrative loadStable legal system

    Factors and tools:

  • Innovation InitiativesIntroduction of the National Innovation FundSupport for hiring young specialists in SMECreation of Science / Technology Centers and ParksOptimization of the chain: Science Technology InnovationEntrepreneurship educationSupport for cluster creation and developmentIncrease of FDI in the R&D area / centersCreation of University Centers for Entrepreneurs

  • SME and FinancingLack of financial instruments for both Start ups and SMEAbsence of Business Angels and Venture CapitalistsSMEs lack size to be traded on the Bulgarian Stock ExchangeLack of managerial and financial culture among entrepreneursPhase A (2007-2008): Creation of a Business Angel Club and preparation of a pipeline of Start ups and SMEsPhase B (2009): Creation of a Hi-Tech Equity Investment Fund

  • What is done?Assarel InvestOriens InvestmentExpats and BA

    INI Graphics Net, Darmstadt, Germany

    CEED Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development, Sofia

    BIMT Intel Technology Entrepreneurship Curriculum

    Business Consulting

  • EOS: Opening international markets for small innovative firms21 EOS consortium members from: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, UKEON Network: Business Innovation Centres, Hi-Tech Incubators, Science parks and ClustersMore than 30 associate partnersMore than 28 technology sectors, including ICTGeography: Europe, Americas, AsiaEC is opening SME support office in Beijing!

  • SME Globalization?Soft Landing: support for accommodation, assistance in organising meetings and networking, information service on location. Networking: Services to connect entrepreneurs with investors, business angels, scientists, universities, clients and partners

    Business Boosting: Boosting companies performances with the help of skilled human resources. Mentoring services to help entrepreneurs and business start- ups to obtain the advice, support and stimulation they need to confidently develop their business to local and international markets.


  • Who attend the first Sofia IME event?20 SME from Bulgarian ICT sectorICT Cluster from Croatia3 institutional investors1 Business Consulting EntityExPats2 EOS associated partners HTBI Varna and Gabrovo1 independent HTBI from BurgasEEN local partners, EBN

  • Bulgarian Telecom ClusterPhare program: Support for Cluster Development in Bulgaria - Phase IIProject BG 2005/017-586.04.02Established: March 2008

    EcoCoMSExpert VisionEstelOpen Integra2C TrifonovSmartCom BulgariaTriada Soft


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