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    Technical Information

  • ATB SEVER Your Partner in Building SHPP

    ATB SEVER factory was founded in 1923. It is one of the oldest

    manufacturers of electric machines in Southeast Europe. Production

    and service of synchronous and asynchronous generators is one of the

    main programs of ATB SEVER for decades. As a company with a great

    experience ATB SEVER offers asynchronous generators within power

    range from 132 kW up to 2000 kW and synchronous generators from 132

    kW up to 10 MW! Beside the generators, ATB SEVER and ATB FOD offer

    you turbines and equipment for turbines in cooperation with world

    recognized producers. ATB SEVER, along with its own Engineering,

    procures and installs control equipment in SHPP projects.

    ATB SEVER is the manufacturer with a development of its own and that is

    why it is able to satisfy all your demands!

    ASHPP Energetic Potential as a Source of Opportunity

    Systematic research of energetic potential of small watercourse in

    Serbia started in 1987. has identified about 900 potential locations for

    building SHPP with power between 100 kW and 10 MW. These data

    unambiguously show that in Serbia energetic potential exists and creates

    real, considerably large investment possibilities in building SHPP.

    Hydro-electric power plants up to 10 MW are small hydro power plants

    according to Law of Energetic of the Republic of Serbia.



    Rotor squirrel cage without brushes with brushes

    Size 180 - 710 180 - 900 355 - 900

    Voltage / Frequency 400 - 690 V / 50 Hz, 60 Hz 400 - 690 V / 50 Hz, 60 Hz 3 - 11 kV / 50 Hz, 60 Hz

    Power 132 - 2000 kW 132 - 1500 kW 200 - 5000 kW

    Speed 4 - 20 polova 4 - 24 pola 4 - 24 pola

    Insulation class F F F

    Mechanical protect. IP 23, IP 55 IP 23, IP 55 IP 23, IP 55

    Cooling IC 01, IC 411 IC 01, IC 411 IC 01, IC 511, IC 611

    Mounting shape IM B3, IM V1 IM B3, IM V1 IM B3, IM V1

    On demand, we can offer generators different from those given in the table.


    Small Hydro-electric Power Plants (SHPP)

    Become a Reality in Serbia!



    Small Hydro-electric Power Plants (SHPP)

    Become a Reality in Serbia!

    ATB FOD Your Partner in Building SHPP

    ATB FOD was founded by creation of the central maintenance service in

    RTB BOR in 1954. It has significant experience in design, production and

    assembly of mechanical and electrical equipment, spare parts,

    assemblies and sub-assemblies for mining, metallurgy, inorganic


    During last years of business and technical cooperation with worldwide

    known manufacturers ATB FOD has gained large experience in a

    production of equipment for turbines for SHPP. Housings, transportation

    devices, covers, water traps and other equipment which are to be built in

    front of and behind the turbine are produced in workshops. The equipment

    is made for different turbine types and different power: FRANSIS turbine

    for power 200 – 12500 kW, KAPLAN turbine for power 350 – 5500 kW, TUBE

    turbine for power 300 – 4000 kW, PELTON turbine for power 1000 – 3000


    Beside production of turbines, in cooperation with ATB SEVER and its

    partners from other countries, ATB FOD offers design and assembly of

    mechanical and electrical equipment for SHPP


    Investment in SHPP surely returns

    The analyses done for 29 potential locations have shown that technical

    and economic parameters of SHPP depend on power, produced energy,

    level of investment costs, price of electric energy and existence of

    stimulating mechanisms, like Carbon Credits and Green Certificates. The

    time of return on investments is 5 to 15 years for the majority of analyzed


    Confirmation of national interest is expected in approving stimulating

    measures as Green Certificate ('green kWh') which will speed up the

    return of the invested capital and increase the interest of potential



    FRANSIS power 200 - 12500 kW

    KAPLAN power 350 - 5500 kW

    TUBE power 300 - 4000 kW

    PELTON power 1000 - 3000 kW

  • Small Hydro-electric Power Plants (SHPP)

    Become a Reality in Serbia!

    Water intake and water chamber

    - water level measurement

    - communication with SHPP object: optical or copper cable, wireless by radio

    connection or GMS, SMS

    - object power supply by the means of energetic cable or photovoltaic device

    Mechanical room of SHPP building consists of space for the turbine with its hydro-

    mechanical equipment and space for electric unit.

    Electrical installation of the mechanical room

    - electrical installation for lightning and earthing and lightning arresters

    - fire-fighting protection and protection against breaking in

    - telecommunication

    - equipment for electric power measurement

    Low voltage unit

    - the compensation field

    - turbine and generator control system

    - the own consumption

    - the system for continuous supply

    - the system for generator protection


    - the main energetic transformer 0,4/10(20) kV for asynchronous generator

    - the main energetic transformer 6,3/10(20) kV for synchronous generator

    - the house transformer 10(20)/0,4 kV for own consumption

    Middle voltage unit

    Sf6 gas-insulated or air-insulated.

    - the generator unit

    - the unit for measurement and protection

    - the transformer unit for the main transformer and house transformer

    - the network connecting unit

    Control, SCADA system and technical documentation

    Control equipment is made on PLC basis. Gathered data about mechanical and

    electrical parameters of the generator are processed by the network analyst and

    displayed on operator panel and SCADA system.

    The complete system enables easy and simple control of the production of electric

    energy in small hydro-electric power plant.

    Delivery of the technical documentation

    Test protocols, certificates and documentation of realized condition.

    ATB SEVER a.d.

    Magnetna polja 6

    24 000 Subotica


    Tel. +381 24 665-124

    Fax +381 24 665-125



    ATB FOD d.o.o.

    Djordja Vajferta 16,

    19210 Bor

    Tel. +381 30 423 147, 424 677

    Fax +381 30 458 611




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