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child's story about hungry superman


  • One day, Superman was flying around the world to save the planet from the evils.

  • While he was happily flying, he heard a loud noise.GRRRRR!His tummy was growling!

  • He decided to go to France.Oh, I see some croissant. Lets have some!

  • He felt that the bread didnt make him full.I want to eat some meat. I heard Germany is famous for its frankfurter.

  • He decided to go to France.Oh, too much meat. Ill lose my six packs!

  • What a beatiful and colourful country India is! Look! The curry looks yummy! Lets try some!

  • Superman flew so fast and he did not realise that he had reached China. His tummy rumbled again.I heard dimsum is a famous food in China. Look! It looks very tempting. I have to try some!

  • Im now in South Korea. I heard the food here is scrumptious especially bibimbap. I could smell it from here. Lets have some!

  • I want to try something different. I heard that Sushi tastes nice.

  • Ive had enough heavy food. Its now time for dessert! Lets try ais kacang in Malaysia.

  • Oh Dear! I cant fly now. Im too FULL!!!!!!!!!!