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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>INTRODUCTION</p> <p>Superman is a man with exceptional physical and mental ability. He fights crime against multiple villains and has many abilities including extreme physical strength. Superman is a product of DC comics and was first created in the 1930s.Superman has been an iconic image of American heroism, and has been an even bigger staple in pop culture.</p> <p>Superman In The 1930s</p> <p>In the 1930s Superman wasn't invincible. He initiallyonly appeared as a comic super hero character and was introduced in `Action Comics`, In comic strip format.</p> <p>The comic was only 48 pages long, Superman was based on a villain character and Superman himself was inspired by Hercules and mythological godly strength. Superman`s costume was in a lighter shade of blue and the `S` logo on his chest was a thinner and smaller than the logo used today,FADS: The fashion used in the 1930`s comic was similar to the popular trends worn in the 30`s . Clark Kent was seen wearing round shoulder jackets, double-breasted suits and full-cut trousers. The language used at that time was also similar to the 1930`s decade, using Using slang such as Copper, Dizzy with a dame ,Mitt me kid! and Buzzer. Supermans boots appear blue and yellow in the first editions of Action ComicsSuperman In The 1940s</p> <p>Superman comics begin to get more detailed and famous Among young people, more thought is put into the attractiveCovers. Superman's style is more defined as a specific Superhero profile. `The Army Special` is the first of many`Specials` created in the Superman theme. Superboy is Introduced for the first time in Superman the animated series is also introduced for the first time in Technicolor</p> <p>FADS: A Superman radio Broadcast programs are introduced on ABC in 1949. </p> <p>A robot is used for the first time in a Superman comic in 1944robots are constantly used in Superman from then on.Superman In The 1950s</p> <p>Lois Lane, Supermans love interest is introduced for theFirst time in 1958. As well as Supermans sidekick Super girl.More Superman televisionShows are made such as TheAdventures of Superman. </p> <p>Superman embodies more power and becomes more invincible and godly. The heavy American culture of theFADS: 50s era is expressed in the comics, series and merchandise sold.</p> <p>In 1956 Superman is shown in the advanced future, which becomes a recurring theme in the franchise.Superman In The 1960s</p> <p>In the 1960s Superman joins the Justice League, and remains an active member until this day. We see collaborations between Other superheroes such as Batman and Robin.Superman visits the Plant Lexor for the firstTime in 1963 allowing Superman to travel inSpace, expanding the series. A new character Bazairo is created close to the 1960s who later becomesA familiar villain in the superman series. </p> <p>Superman In The 1970s</p> <p>The Great Superman Book is issued in 1978 as well as the realise of Superman The Movie. Superman merchandise Becomes more popular from children lunch boxes to action figures, FADS: fads from the 70s becomes a large part of the Superman culture in that time from terms like groovy to cool and bellbottoms and tie dye become popular in the Superman image. The New Adventures Of Superman is realised fortelevision and a new play adaption that was later made for TV is made.A soundtrack from The Kinks is realised in their 1979 album. In 1978 the first Superman game is realised on the Atari 2600.</p> <p>Superman In The 1980s-1990s</p> <p>A new television show is realised by Warner Brothers called Lois &amp; ClarkThis starts a chain of new Superman themedShows made for the public. Superman II,III IV,Is made and realised also by Warner Brothers in 1980, 1983 and 1987. Superman: The Animated Series becomes one of the Popular cartoons in 1996, and is featured for the fist time without a cape.Superman comics expand becoming more desired and the story lines Become more exciting and complex. Technology in the franchise is more </p> <p>advanced , special effects in the movies are more realistic and complex from its previous years.Superman follows a popular trend during these time periods and is drawn in anime style and his comics presented in Manga form.</p> <p>Superman In The 2000s-Present</p> <p>Superman is a predominant figure inPop culture by now, and has grown intoa multi million dollar figure. In 2001 the famous TV show Smallville airs and </p> <p>runs for 10 years. The movies Superman Returns is realised in 2006.Superman is seen more in his role as a Justice League member, and plays small roles in otherSuperhero stories and media. Superman video games are realised in Playstation, Xbox and other forms of gaming outlets. A variety of Superman merchandise become popular in everyComic convention and in the animated community. In the year 2013 a new Superman movie will be realised as well as the new Superman logo.</p> <p>Superman Icons </p> <p>Changes First Superman video game on the AtariCurrent Superman video game on XboxClark Kent's first appearance in 1930, current version of Kent.First Superman Comic, updated version.</p> <p>Superman Through the Years</p>