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<p>Product Code:PM02B PM02C PM02M PM02Y PM02PC PM02PM</p> <p>Black Cyan Magenta Yellow Photo Cyan Photo Magenta</p> <p>20ml 8ml 7ml 12ml 11ml 11ml</p> <p>All Cartridges contain 100% more ink than original HP</p> <p>RESET THE HP02 CHIPA) Light Off Chip setter off B) Red Light Flashing Line up the prongs on the chip resetter with the contact points on the cartridge chip and push the resetter down onto the chip. The red light should then flash showing programming in progress. C) Green Light On Programming complete and chip is reset. OK. Remove the chip setter from the chip. Cartridge is ready for use. D) Red Light On Programming not sucessful. Try again.</p> <p>A) Light Off</p> <p>B) Red Light Flashing</p> <p>C) Green Light On</p> <p>D) Red Light On</p>