how west coast tafe is bringing together student support services

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  • How West Coast TAFE is bringing together student support services.
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  • West Coast TAFE Library did not have a reference desk, but rather tried to manage reference enquiries from the loans desk REFERENCE DESK
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  • Bob came to the Library. Arrangements were made between the Library and Disability Services to set up a drop in tutorial area in the library for students with a disability. Disabilities Support Officer
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  • More and more students started asking Bob for help Students asked Bob for help rather than library staff Why was this happening? Was the circulation desk too busy? Was the circulation desk a physical barrier? Could we actually see when students needed help? Were we promoting all the available support services?
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  • Manager Student Services Manager Learning Resource Centre Career Services Officer Aboriginal Support Officer Disability and Student Support Coordinator Library Bookshop Records Staff Disability Support Officer Library Student Services
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  • A New Model was proposed Manager Information and Student Support Disability and Student Support Coordinator Library Bookshop Records Staff Disability Support Officer Aboriginal Support Officer Career Services Officer Library
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  • Job searching, career and study pathways Library Careers Aboriginal Support Computer Tutor Study skills materials Video Dubbing An integral part of the StudentCentro concept was A Reference Desk- Revamped Traditional reference duties Software applications and assignment formatting Information Literacy Handouts Liaison and one on one support Students edit video assignments
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  • We are saving money? We are all interconnected and can help each other We share career development and professional learning Together we create a solid foundation to support student success
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  • Greater awareness and inclusion of students with a disability Aboriginal students brought in to the mainstream Advanced warning of course changes Prospective students interviewed in the library
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  • Tailor our services Increase our ability to find alternative funding Statistics collection is important in helping us to:
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  • We started by bringing Disabilities, Careers and Aboriginal Support to the Library We added the Computer Skills Tutor We added Your Tutor online homework help in a pilot program for Aboriginal and Disabilities Students In 2010 We are expanding the Your Tutor online homework help program to a greater number of students. We are bringing the Study Skills Lecturer to the Help Desk This semester we included all the nursing students in the Your Tutor Program
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  • The Training Sector now has a new funding model based on outcomes. Teams like StudentCentro are a positive way forward as we look for ways to improve retention At West Coast Institute of Training StudentCentro has been recognized by the Executive as part of our strategic direction.
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  • Vanessa (Library) Caroline (Disabilities) Kerryn (Careers) Jane (Records) Bronlyn (Aboriginal Support) Naomi (Library) Fiona (Library) Bob (Disabilities) Jeff (Study Skills) Louise (Library) Kirsty (Library) Helen (Records) Leslie (Records)
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