How to use IFTTT to connect social networks

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  • HOW TO USE IFTTTIf This Then That

  • Go to

  • Click Sign Up to create an account.

  • Fill-up the details.

  • Enter your email.

  • Enter your password.

  • Click Create account.

  • These are the two parts of a recipe.

  • Recipe is what you call the formula

  • that you use to connect networks,

  • applications, iPhones, android

    phones, emails and a whole lot more!

  • Now you can see different collections of


  • Those are just a few to give you examples.

  • Scroll down below the collections youll find the recommended recipes,

  • do recipes,

  • and If recipes

  • where you can choose from a wide

    range of recipes.

  • On the other hand, scroll up

  • and youll see helpful buttons for you.

  • Click My Recipes

  • and youll see all the recipes youve


  • Click Browse

  • then go and search for published recipes

    from collections.

  • Click Channels

  • then create connections between


  • As a sample, we will create a recipe.

  • Click My Recipes.

  • Click Create a Recipe.

  • Now click this.

  • Choose a Trigger Channel.

  • Type-in your channel

  • or scroll down to search.

  • For this, well use Facebook as trigger


  • Click the icon.

  • Every time you try to connect IFTTT

  • to other networks, youll be asked to

  • log-in to your network accounts to

    authorize IFTTT

  • to use your account.

  • After logging-in, click Okay

  • Now choose to whom you want to share

  • your IFTTT posts to.

  • Then click Okay.

  • Click Done.

  • Now choose a Trigger.

  • Click your chosen Trigger.

  • Click Create Trigger.

  • Click that.

  • Choose Action Channel.

  • Again, click the icon.

  • Log-in to Twitter.

  • Click Authorize App.

  • Click Done.

  • Both networks are now connected!

  • Choose an Action.

  • Type a Tweet Text,

  • that IFTTT is going to post to Twitter

  • whenever you have a new status update.

  • Click Create Action.

  • Check the Recipe Title.

  • Click Create Recipe.

  • The recipe weve created is now added

    to My Recipe.

  • Click on the image

  • or the pencil icon

  • to edit or delete the recipe.

  • Here you can see the Recipe ID

  • and the Recipe Title.

  • Turn off the recipe

  • when you want to stop from using it.

  • Publish your recipe

  • to publicize it and be used by others.

  • Check now

  • to check your recipes.

  • Log to check log items.

  • Delete to remove the recipe

  • Scroll down to see the message box

  • where you have typed the Tweet text.

  • Click Update,

  • if you wanted to change your tweet


  • Lets now try to post a status to Facebook.

  • Click Post.

  • Then lets check my Twitter account.

  • Immediately after Ive posted to Facebook, a Tweet text was sent to

    my Twitter account.

  • Now go and save your time and effort! Make

    your own Recipes!