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What makes McAfee Next-Generation Firewall different? Centralized management, high availability, advanced evasion prevention, and connected security systems - learn more in this presentation from Steve Smith, a Senior Technical Marketing Manager at McAfee


  • 1. What Makes McAfee NGFW Different? Unified Software Core Strong Centralized Management High Availability Advanced Evasion Prevention Security Connected
  • 2. NEXT GENERATION FIREWALL FIREWALL LAYER 2 FIREWALL IPS MILITARY GLOBAL ENTERPRISE COMMERCIAL SMB VPN SOFT VIRTUAL PHYSICAL Unified Software Core Flexible Delivery McAfee Adjustable security level to meet deployment need High performance maintained even with deep inspection
  • 3. Centralized Management Single Pane of Glass
  • 4. I can update a FW cluster without dropping a single packet McAfee NGFW customer High Availability Native Active-Active Clustering Node 1 Node 6 16 Node 2 Node 3 Node 5Node 4 . Mix of hardware and software versions
  • 5. Advanced Evasion Prevention AETs vs APTs
  • 6. ePO End-Point Management McAfee GTI Reputation in the Cloud ESM SIEM Advanced Threat Defense Enterprise Authentication McAfee Antivirus McAfee Security Connected McAfee NGFW Holistic security solution merging network and end-point threats and management together SMC & Local UI
  • 7. Flexible McAfee NGFW Appliance Portfolio April 3, 20147 Same appliance for multiple use-cases Modular hardware Compact FW/VPN appliances for branch offices (315, 105) Rugged designs for demanding environment 1000 Series 1400 Series 3200 Series 5200 Series NGFW-MIL-320 2G 20G 60G 120G SMC (2000 elements) One harmonized appliance family protecting investments with hardware modularity and simple licensing