2013-14 School Year. Unbridled Learning Next Generation Learners (100%) Next Generation Support (23%) Next Generation Professionals (10%) Next Generation

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Assessment ResultsBourbon County Schools2013-14School Year1Unbridled Learning Next Generation Learners (100%)Next Generation Support(23%)Next Generation Professionals(10%)Next Generation Schools and Districts2012-20132013-20142014-2015 ?-Achievement-Gap-Growth-Readiness for College /Career-Graduation Rate</p> <p>Program ReviewsPL/CS, Writing, The Arts</p> <p>K-3 added 14-15; World Language HS</p> <p>Percent Effective Teachers</p> <p>Percent Effective Leaders=Overall AccountabilityScoreCollege &amp; Career Readiness for ALL2AchievementGapGrowthCCRGradRateELEMKPREP: Reading, math, ss, science, writingAll Tested AreasReading andMathN/AN/AMSKPREP: Reading, math, ss, science, writing</p> <p>All Tested Areas</p> <p>Reading andMath</p> <p>ExploreN/AHSEnd of Course and On-Demand WritingEnd of Course and On-Demand WritingPLAN to ACTReading &amp; MathCollege and Career RateAFGR/Cohort ModelWho is Accountable for What?GAPEvery student is now only counted once in the overall GAP score when awarding pointsSub-groups are still counted separately, we must still focus on those groups as individual groupsGrowthMeasures individual students growth from one year to the nextwithin growth bands. Success is measured by percent of students achieving typical growth as compared to other students in their growth band from one year to the next</p> <p>3AchievementGapGrowthCCRGradRateELEM30%30%40%----MS28%28%28%16%HS20%20%20%20%20%Within Achievement and GAPall areas are weighted equally except writing and language mechanics are split 16%/4%.</p> <p>Growth includes Math and Reading onlyK-8 from KPREP; HS from Plan to ACT.Within Achievement there is a NAPD Calculation each % of students scoring at each level is awarded points, then broken down to overall points based on percentage N=0, A=.5, P=1, D=1 (gets a bonus over Novice)</p> <p>For GAP, the score calculation is based on the % of students scoring Proficient and Distinguished.4The Test and Content </p> <p>Across the board 3-12 everyone tested the same.What is the same?5Scores include program reviews statewideThat meansthe School Report Card now has different scores in it from last year.</p> <p>Cant compare the overall scoresthey will be quite a bit higher.</p> <p>CAN compare individual area scores for each area (Achievement, Gap, Growth, proficiency of students, and other measures)</p> <p>What has changed6Locked Proficient and Distinguished Levels for this year, will change next yearElementary: 62.5, 69.8MS: 58.7, 64.9HS 58, 64.4</p> <p>Progressing: Made AMO (Annual Measurable Objective)our Annual Goal for progress.</p> <p>High Performing School (90th percentile)School of Distinction (95th percentile)High Progress (Top 10% of improvement)Priority and Focus (lowest 10%, below 3rd SD in an area)</p> <p>Labels7Public reporting in the paper used a shortened ranking system; I used an extended ranking system to stick with the number of schools/districtsProvides basis for comparison for consistencyInformation about how well are we adapting to CCSS compared to othersDistrict School Rank/LabelsRankings &amp; Percentile Comparisons for Bourbon8Overall Score 69.7*AMO 69.8</p> <p>62/173 Districts32/174 last year</p> <p>83rd Percentile per reporting</p> <p>*cannot be compared to previous year scoreBourbon County Schools9Clark 95/17374/174Fayette 97/17362/174Harrison 86/173105/174Jessamine 66/17399/174Mason 91/173115/175Mercer 114/17393/174Montgomery 29/17329/174Nicholas 160/173111/174Paris 139/173143/174Pendleton 102/173121/174Scott 57/17358/174Madison 48/17370/174Boyle 6/17312/174Surrounding DistrictsCompared to BoCos 62/173 32/17410Each schools ranking among their grade spanLabelAMO statusProficient schools expected to make .5 gainNeeds improvement schools expected to make 1 point gain.</p> <p>Breakdown11Cane Ridge 353/720366/739 last yearNeeds ImprovementDid not make AMOOverall 69.2 (AMO 69.4)</p> <p>School Scores12</p> <p>Cane Ridge Elementary:</p> <p>Start with our starand how my view will probably differ from most. </p> <p>Point out consistent growth only one dip, science and using only one class to test.13Bourbon Central332/720231/739 last yearProficient SchoolDid not make AMOOverall 69.8 (AMO 72.0)</p> <p>14</p> <p>Bourbon Central15North Middletown 274/72086/739 last yearProficient SchoolDid not make AMO71.4 (AMO 76.5)</p> <p>16</p> <p>North Middletown17Middle School 153/33080/328 last yearProficient SchoolDid not make AMO66.8 (AMO 68.2)Focus School (Disbability/Science and Reading)Not New, Carryover because did not meeting AMO</p> <p>18</p> <p>Middle School19High School96/22997/232 last yearProficient School, Progressing (Met AMO)AMO 70.4Focus School (Disability/Writing)New Designation</p> <p>20</p> <p>High school21Professional Learning CommunitiesImprove Student learningWork toward meeting AMOMove to Distinguished StatusRemove Focus School StatusNext Steps</p> <p>22</p>


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