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  • HOW TOMEDITATEDAILYMake Mindfulness a Daily Habit byfollowing these Simple Steps

    Meditate for Just 2Minutes Every Day

    Stick to a Time

    Focus on Your Breath

    Do this for a Month

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    Find a ComfortablePosture

    Meditate for 2 minutes every day inthe first week and for 5 minutes in

    the second week.

    You'll eventually clock in moreminutes as this becomes a daily


    Pick a time of the day to meditatedaily and stick to it.

    By doing this, meditation willbecome a daily trigger just likebrushing your teeth, havingbreakfast, etc. and soon youll findyourself not missing your dailymindfulness session..

    While some people prefer sitting onthe floor on a yoga mat to meditate,

    others find it more comfortable tosit on a chair or a couch.

    What matters is that you arecomfortable in the posture you

    choose. Meditating daily will be nofun if you are uncomfortable in your

    meditation posture.

    In the beginning, your mind will tendto wander a lot. Dont be upsetwhen this happens. Its only natural.

    Our minds are not used to be still orin the present moment for long. Asyou continue to practice meditationdaily, you will notice yourself gettingbetter at it.

    Follow these steps for a month andyoud have formed meditation as a daily habit.

    Don't forget tomeditate.