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Technocrab Solutions is a leading IT company which mange clients carefully, work with planning strategy and deliver works when promised.


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Being a digital marketing company executive you may face various question and the worries of the client. Like

If I will do go my site will be on top for nay thing I will search on Google. ( Its a stupid question by the client as they dont know, what is SEO? And how it works? )

Why my site is not on the top?, I am paying you money( The Client may be howling at you)

What content you need?.( You told me that you need images and now content. Dont give me these excuses if you are not able to give me result. I can sue you.)

These are the crazy conversation which one generally have with our clients.

Quickies to Manage Clients

2START WITH GOOD COMMUNICATIONDo this from the very starting

Listen to them, be cautious of their concerns, and acknowledge what they say. Dont be too overly concerned with trying to get your points across all the time. Listen to what they have to say, and express a desire and ability to help them.

EXPLAIN THEM THE PROCESS OF SEOIts better to explain clients regarding the SEO. So that in longer run we can explain the client if there is some delay in achieving rank. Make them believe that SEO is not a black magic which will boost your ranking overnight.

DONT USE TOO MUCH TECHNICAL LINGOWhile giving your presentation to them try to be simple so that your client can understand you. Because if you will be too much technical client will not able to connect themselves and my find everything ambiguous.

BE REALISTIC WITH YOUR CLAIMS . Never do wrong promises with your client just to crack the deal. Check their situation first, and after careful evaluation, give them a real and achievable result that you know you can deliver.

HANDLE THE ANNOYED CLIENT . Its not necessary everything will happen as per your planning. So there are chances of upset client but if you are wrong admit it take the responsibility instead of running from situation. This can help you in calming down the upset client.

SET CLEAR TERMS, BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT. Leave no room for queries or unanswered question, when it comes to having your client accept the terms of the agreement.

There is nothing worse than trying to explain to upset client something that they agreed to, didnt understand, and are now resisting

SHARE OR INCLUDE CLIENT WHILE PLANNING STRATEGY. Always include your client while planning and also share the work with the... This not only keeps them happy but this also makes your client take some responsibility for the results as well.

DELIVER WHAT YOU HAVE PROMISED. If you made any promise with client fulfill it. Keep learning and improving your craft so that you can deliver the best service possible to your clients.

KEEP INTEREST IN THEM. Always show your clients that you are too much aware about their industry. Visit them regularly so that they will feel that you care for them and can increase your probability of further business.

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