how to make more sales - 5 reasons why you're not making sales

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  • 5 Reasons Youre Not


  • You put your customer last.

  • You expect the same results

    from the same sales activities.

  • You (or your sales teams)

    are not actually seeing


  • You are too eager to

    make a sale.

  • You simply dont have

    enough customers.

  • What you should do:

    Think instead about:

    - What is important to my customer?

    - What is important to my customers industry?

    - What challenges is my customer probably facing?

    - Where do they want to get to, and how can I help them?

  • What you should do:

    Look around at what your competitors are doing in the market. Who is making

    real headway?

    Its likely they are disrupting the market by doing things differently, in a way that resonates more effectively with customers.

  • What you should do:

    Make sure you are constantly critically assessing your own (and your sales teams) weekly activities, to ensure you are making the best use of the selling time you have available.

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