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how to get better at baseball


  • 1.How to get better at baseball. Danny BryanGenius hour

2. How to get noticed by scouts Have the intangiblesHave an attitude that stands outPerform in the clutchHave good characterBe a dirt bag 3. How to be a better hitter Take deep breath and dont think about striking out.Dig into the batters box and get ready for the pitch.Dont worry about what the pitcher is throwing just be calm.Watch the pitcher wind up and follow the ball with your eyes and try to detect what pitch he is throwingKeep your weight back when you swingDont move your head focus on the ballEven if its a grounder run hard 4. How to be a good pitcher Calm down and just throw strikes.If you want to strike someone out you first have to focus on throwing strikes.After you can hit the mitt almost every time you should try throwing strikes to corners and work on off-speed pitches and then you can through off the batter giving you a better chance to strike him out. 5. How to be a good outfielder. Practice catching fly balls while someone hits it to youIf you have no one to hit the baseball to you throw it in the air and try to catch it nine out of tenEvery time a fly ball is coming to you your first step is always backAlways use to hands to catch the ball and try to catch the ball in the web of the glove and not in the palm because it will sting and you will drop the ballBefore every pitch be in a ready position and know where you are going to throw the ball 6. How to be a good fielder Dont be afraid of the ball always go after the ballKeep practicing and never back downAlways be in a ready position and always know where you are going to throw the ball before it is hitKnow the situationFocus on reflexes and hand to eye coordinationNever overthrow accuracy is most important 7. How to throw farther Strengthen your arms and upper bodyPractice with the long tossHave good mechanics 8. How to be a good catcher Keep your eyes on the ballAct quickly to throw runners out at a baseTo block pitches in the dirt, get on your knees and put your glove between your legsTo catch pop ups and fouls take off your helmetDont worry, pass balls will happen so dont get down on yourself its just part of the game 9. How to be a good First Baseman You cant always depend on the throw, sometimes you have to stretch or move around to catch the ballIf you are a righty first baseman always position your right foot on the bag with both heels about parallel to the base lineYou always want to be in an athletic positionWhen the base runner is leading and the pitcher is in his stretch give him a targetIf he goes to the plate shuffle a few steps toward second base and get ready to field any ball hit your way 10. HOPE THESE TIPS WILL HELP YOU SUCCEED IN BASEBALL