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You finally schedule a vacation and are all set. You leave the office behind, but do you leave your work? If your answer is no, you may need to disconnect from work to truly enjoy your fishing adventure.


<ul><li> 1. How to Disconnect from Work When on Your Fishing Adventure By - Aikens Lake Wilderness lodge </li></ul> <p> 2. Picture this: youre standing in a stream and youve just cast your line into the water. Youre feeling relaxed and focusing on the water. Then it happens. As your office calls, your cell phone disturbs the calm and likely scares the fish away. Is that how you want to spend your vacation, instead of concentrating on fly fishing in Manitoba? Its hard to completely unplug from the office, even if you do schedule a vacation. Smartphones and the Internet make it easy to stay connected and be reachable. Consider these tips for disconnecting from work to focus on a fishing adventure. 3. Trust Your Team. If you find yourself calling to keep tabs on your team members, thats not the most relaxing way to spend your vacation. Not only does it keep you linked to work, but it distracts you and could cost you the perfect fish. It could also communicate to your team that you dont trust them. 4. Leave Work-Related Tech Gear at Home. One of the best ways to unplug from work is to not bring it with you. Leave your computer at home. Leave work phones too, unless you use your personal phone for work too. In that situation, consider the next tip. 5. Delete Your Work Email. If you take your work email off of your smartphone, you wont be receiving emails that link you to the office youve just gotten away from. Relax. You can put it back when you return to work. 6. Conclusion Vacation time helps to lower blood pressure, stress levels and allows you to go back to your job with a fresh mind. Spending time out on the water, casting a line and spending time out in nature is a great way to unwind. If these tips have inspired you to plan a vacation, consider fly fishing in Manitoba at Aikens Lake. 7. </p>