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Aikens Lake offer some of the best fishing in Canada. Discover what separates it from other Canada fly in fishing experiences


Slide 1How to Teach Your Kids The Love of FishingAikens Lake Wilderness lodgeThe Love of FishingMany of us who love to fish have stories about when we were young and our parents took us to a creek or lake and gave us our first fishing lessons. These stories bring up a lot of happy memories involving hours of quality family time spent learning the basics. Often times we can trace our love of fishing back to these original family trips, which is why when we have kids of our own we want to give them the same experience. However, there are a lot of things that make it hard to develop a passion for fishing in kids. Here are some tips to help you instill a love of fishing in your children.The Challenges Youll FaceFirst off, lets talk about some of the challenges that you are going to face. You may have realized that fishing doesnt come naturally to most children.Here are a few of the biggest obstacles:Short attention spansDevices such as mobile phones, iPads and video gamesPhysical challenges such as strength or short legsImpatience, especially if they arent catching anything quicklyLack of confidenceHow to Teach the Love of FishingHow to Teach The Love of FishingStart Small.When you take your kids out Canada Fly in fishing, the main goal should be to get them to enjoy the experience and to teach them the basics. These trips shouldnt be all day events; instead they should be short, say a couple of hours. Its also a good idea to start in small areas near your home, preferably ones that are familiar to your kids and where they are more likely to feel comfortable.Make it About Them.The entire experience should revolve around your kids and making it fun for them. Bring their favorite snacks, talk to them and make jokes. When they are struggling, make sure to be patient with them.How to Teach The Love of FishingKeep Things Simple.Dont plan on teaching them everything in one or two trips. Instead, just teach them a few things each trip so that they dont feel overwhelmed by all of the different techniques, fish facts, lures, and other details. That means that you should use simple tackles, baits and techniques during your first trips and slowly expand from there.Build Confidence.Ideally, take your kids to spots where the fish are plentiful to help improve their chances of catching something. When they do make a catch, shower them with praise and make them proud of their accomplishment. The more early successes they have, the more engaged theyll be.How to Teach The Love of FishingOur guides at Aikens all exhibit great qualities that can help in teaching young kids (or young-at-heart adults!) how to be successful on any lake, but especially on Aikens Lake. While you can certainly start teaching kids how to fish at Aikens Lake, you can also choose to begin before your trip so that they know the basics beforehand and already have a love of the sport. That way, when you bring them they can enjoy themselves all the more and you can spend more time fishing yourself. An ideal age to begin bringing your young kids to Aikens seems to be in the 8-10 year old range. With Aikens being a family-run operation, there are plenty of kid-friendly areas at Aikens like the trampoline, swing set, and large beach to keep them occupied at all times - both on and off the water. Contact Us Today To Plan an Unforgettable Luxury TripHow to Teach The Love of