how to create a google+ local page to optimize your local seo!

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Quick how-to guide on creating a Google+ Local page to get the most out of your Local SEO results in Google Search. I made this simple presentation over a year ago on request for a Google+ community.


  • 1. Local SEOvrijdag 8 maart 131

2. Local Search Results Desktopvrijdag 8 maart 13Mobile2 3. What kinds of information are in a local search result? vrijdag 8 maart 13A link to the website A link to the Google+ page The address information The phone number The exact location on a map of the locality The score based on reviews 3 4. Why you want to be in the local search results The local search results are always at the top or close to the top of the rst page in Google Search Potential customers get instant access to your address, contact information, website and Google+ page. vrijdag 8 maart 13Potential customers see your contact information displayed prominently on the Google Search page.Potential customers searching from Smartphones / Tablets get search results of their GPS location. 4 5. How to get your company in the local search results vrijdag 8 maart 13List your company in the different Local Listing Directories Add address / contact information on your company website Get reviews from satised customers5 6. Local Listing Directories vrijdag 8 maart 13Google+ Local Bing Local Yahoo Local Yelp Hotfrog Foursquare Nokia Primeplace Yellow Pages Expressupdate Neustar Localeze Superpages Citysearch 6 7. Tutorial How to create a Google+ Local page vrijdag 8 maart 13Log in to your personal Google+ account. Navigate to the navigation colomn and choose the More button. Click on the button that pops out. (It should read Pages). Click on the Create new page button.7 8. Tutorial How to create a Google+ Local page vrijdag 8 maart 13Click on the Local Business or Place. Fill in your phone number.8 9. Tutorial How to create a Google+ Local page vrijdag 8 maart 13Make sure to use the company name online as which you use ofine Your address needs to be a physical address. Not a Post Ofce Box Your phone number should have a region code9 10. Tutorial Filling in your Google+ page vrijdag 8 maart 13It is crucial for your position in the local search results that you provide as much information as you can. The next few slides will explain the most important parts.10 11. Tutorial Filling in your contact information vrijdag 8 maart 13Your contact information will be displayed prominently in the locla search results. Make sure to ll in a physical address. A phone number with a region code. E-mail address(es) Your website URL11 12. Tutorial Filling in your categories vrijdag 8 maart 13Categories are extremely important for your local listing. A category should be what your company is. Not what it does. So Decorator would be good, but decorating would not be good. You can ll in a total of 5 categories.12 13. Tutorial Filling in your description vrijdag 8 maart 13Here you should ll in a brief description about what your company can do for your clients. Try to use proper keywords in the description Dont stuff it full with keywords! Google is pretty good at detecting unnatural texts.13 14. Tutorial Uploading pictures and videos vrijdag 8 maart 13Relevant pictures and videos give your clients a good view at your company and what it does. These add real value to your local listing page. They will help you rank better!14 15. Other Local Listings vrijdag 8 maart 13The beginning of this presentation has a list of other local listings.Create pages on a couple of other platforms to.There are a lot more out there. The ones listed earlier are the major players though.Provide consistent information on all platforms. Google doesnt take kindly to inconsistent information.15