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<p>How to BreakYour WordPress Website</p> <p>By Sharon Dawson@SharonADawson</p> <p>Marketing Communications Manager@TheeDesign</p> <p>RememberYourValues</p> <p>How to BreakYour WordPress Websiteby using Plugins</p> <p>Install all Caching Plugins</p> <p>Turn on all the settings</p> <p>Image Optimizer</p> <p>Update all the Plugins at once</p> <p>Wordfence</p> <p>How to BreakYour WordPress Websitewith Settings</p> <p>Dont Match Site URLs</p> <p>Backups are for losers</p> <p>Anyone can update PHP</p> <p>How to BreakYour WordPress Websitewith Redirects</p> <p>No consistency needed</p> <p>Redirect</p> <p>Redirect 309 /</p> <p>Redirect 301 /yourawesome</p> <p>Redirect 301 /allthethings</p> <p>Redirect 301 /</p> <p>Redirect your homepage a lot</p> <p>Redirect 301 /</p> <p>Redirect 301 /</p> <p>Redirect 301 /</p> <p>Redirect 301 /</p> <p>Redirect 301 /</p> <p>Redirect pages to many places</p> <p>Redirect 301 /redirect</p> <p>Redirect 301 /redirect</p> <p>Redirect 301 /redirect</p> <p>Redirect 301 /redirect</p> <p>Redirect 301 /redirect</p> <p>You broke yourWordPress WebsiteYAY!</p> <p>Now what?</p> <p>Now what</p> <p>Talk to the nearest nerdRestore recent backupReupload clean HT Access fileDeactivate the offending pluginChange plugins settings back to install levelCall your support teamCall your hosting providerCommunity forumsClose your company and move to Aruba and start over</p> <p>Whats your favorite way to break yourWordPress Website?</p> <p>Connect with MeOn Twitter and Instagram:@SharonADawson</p> <p></p>