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<ul><li><p> How To Be an Actor in New York City! </p><p> Do you have a love for the entertainment world? Would you like to learn how to be an actor in one </p><p>of the greatest cities on earth? Acting is a business, just like any other business you will need to train </p><p>and gain knowledge to be any good. </p><p>Learning how to be an actor can be tough without the proper schooling, but anything is possible with </p><p>the right attitude and mindset. As an actor, you will need to be able to sell yourself to other people. If </p><p>you are starting your career, you need to sit down and seriously ask yourself what reasons you want </p><p>to be an actor. Most people dont understand that acting is an art, it takes grueling hard work and eagerness to keep auditioning after being rejected numerous times. </p><p>New York City is bursting with acting opportunities. You need to push yourself to book multiple </p><p>auditions and fully prepare yourself for them. Learning how to be an actor in New York City can </p><p>happen three different ways: </p><p> Experience: There is no substitute for acting experience. Get yourself out there, add real life experience to your resume and can even boost your talent. </p></li><li><p> Explore Talent: Talk with your peers and other talented actors who act on a daily basis. Ask them for inside information and tips that will help your career. </p><p> Take a Class: Classes and training can help you tenfold in your career, it can help you land auditions. Instructors will show you how to be an actor tips and industry knowledge. </p><p>So if you are ready to commit to learn how to be an actor, then use these ways to get auditions and </p><p>hopefully get roles: </p><p> Volunteer: By volunteering you will get some real work experience and you will be able to make connections that could benefit you in the future. </p><p> Show America: Its a new social networking website geared towards art and entertainment. Show America will be live in a few short months. </p><p> Portfolio and Head shots: You want the best of the best, only because this is what you are presenting to the casting directors, managers, and producers. </p><p> Networks: Open a Facebook Fan Page, and look into getting a IMDB account. Get a Agent: By picking up representation, they will go out and find auditions that fit your </p><p>description. You will need to impress the judges to land the role. Meet Up: Go to and find a group that deals with acting, and start networking and make </p><p>new connections and friends that will help you in the process of learning how to be an actor. </p><p>Whether you are starting in New York City or Hollywood, learning how to be an actor depends soley </p><p>on you and how much you want to give to become a glorified actor. Always stay positive and in no </p><p>time you will be teaching others how to be an actor! </p><p> </p></li></ul>