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  • 1. How they all make moneyCrash Course on Creativity - October 2012by Joanna Smieja

2. I went to see:different tricks on how different storesattract different people to buy their products 3. People are different Everybody knows its true 4. ButThey all have things in common, same patterns they follow 5. Did you realize we are grouped?by ageby styleby genderetc. 6. Heres an examplestore with classic clothessimple sign, calm colors insidechilly music that you almostdont realizeand it just creates elegantatmosphere you love 7. Whats the outcome?You want to stay & shop & feel happyit suits your mood! 8. There are more tricks... 9. In most of the cases:white/pastel walls tobetter display productsshiny floor to convinceyou its really cleancalm & happy musicto make you feel relaxed 10. You follow designed direction: products on sale - first thing to notice better price at the door, more expensive inside impulse items at the cashier desk - cheap & easy to reach 11. stores have:and you have: It actually works and brings satisfaction to everybody 12. Seein our favoritearound you stores!