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From the History of Ukraine. The Political System of Ukraine

From the History of Ukraine. The Political System of Ukraine


Wisdom QuotesThe more corrupt the state, the more laws. (Cornelius Tacitus)

The execution of laws is more important than the making of them.(Thomas Jefferson)

The polite phrases to express disagreementIm afraid youre not quite rightI cant agree with you hereIts only half trueIm afraid, youre mistaken.

How the Government Works



The Verhovna Rada(The legislative branch)

Inside the Verhovna RadaThe front of the building

The Cabinet of Ministers(The executive branch)

The Constitutional Court(the judicial branch)


The Supreme Court of Ukraine

adherentswas definedlegislativeimplementedbecause ofbe foundadopted

The video Who Rules?New VocabularyExtraction [k'strk()n ], [ek-] , , ;hereditory [he'redt ], [h-] ;chaos ['kes] ;junta ['nt] .

Do the matching.Democracyoligarchytheocracymonarchydictatorshipjuntaa military or political group that rules a country after taking power by forcea system of government by the whole population through elected representativesa form of government with a monarch at the heada small group of people having control of a country or organizationimplies a leader exercising total control over all spheres of the social lifemeans that a society is ruled by priests who represent a god

What is the form of the Ukrainian government?

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