How second language can be learn through Intercultural Communication?

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Here is my presentation on second language learning through Intercultural Communication.


<ul><li> 1. Prepared By: Munjpara MaitriRajendrabhaiRoll No.: 17Enrolment no.: PG13101023Semester: 3rdYear: 2013-15Paper Name: English Language TeachingTopic: Learn L2 through theIntercultural CommunicationSubmitted To:Smt. S.B. GardiDepartment of EnglishMaharaja KrishnakumarsinhjiBhavnagar UniversityBhavnagarGujarat-India</li></ul> <p> 2. What is Culture? Intercultural? 3. ThankYouVeryMuch 4. L2 Learning withinClassroom 5. RReesseeaarrcchheerrss VViieeww Researchers generallyview interculturalcommunication as a problemcreated by differences inbehaviour and world viewsamong people who speakdifferent languages and whobelong to different cultures 6. How can I teach Englishmore effectively? Comparison of differencesbetween one native and oneforeign language. The teaching of English changethe balance of the haves and have-notsin local cultures around theworld? The teaching of English createand promote in an Internationalplaying field. 7. Video </p>