how i use practical projects to ignite learners future career

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  • Using practical projects to ignite learners future careers and connect their natural talents with opportunities through

    educationBy Phuti Ragophala(Retired School principal and MIE Trainer)

    Email: phuthi.ragophala@gmail.comBlog post:

    Contact: 082 839 3642


  • OV

    ER V

    IEW O

    F THE SC



    The school started in 1966

    Built in a semi rural area with 1324 learners from grade R to 7 using only 20 classrooms with 35 educators(ratio:66 per class)

    Three phases: Foundation, Intermediate and senior doing various learning areas, projects and activities to augment their learning

    Celebrated 50 years anniversary in 2016

    Many projects but Talk about three only

  • Practical projects Farming: Through skills acquired from FTFA we started Greening projects to

    supply the community, instil farming skills to learners, fight poverty. Main aim :To re assure community that they can produce their own food without relying on hand-outs from municipality ,to inspire future farmers & maintain peace

    Maintain peace and justice, No poverty and good health and well being

    Addressed UNESCO Sustainable Development Goal Number 1 and 16

  • IKS in medicine: Through skills acquired from FTFA and UNILIM I and my colleques learnt on how to use green herbs to make ointments and e we transferred the skills to learners to unlock their critical and creative skills : Harvesting, mixing, cooking, packaging and labelling and sell to augment school funds, gain knowledge and to inspire their career choice

    Quality education, good health and well being, reducing inequality in education

    Addressing UNESCO SDGs number 3 and 4

  • Young scientists in making: Using green garden as a laboratory to make ointments( value for money)

  • Accomplishing my Young Scientist dream


    Mafokoane to me

    Greetings Ma'am

    Apr 30 (4 days ago)

    My name is Stephen Mafokoane, I am not quite sure that you remember me, I was in the 2011 group.

    Right now I am in my first year at Pearson Institute, doing Biotechnology/Pharmacy.

    Basically, you made me to choose this lane, you made me to have love for herbs and medicine. So I want to return to the community, and only you can help me with that.

    I am thinking of using The Grade 7 Theory lesson on sectors of economy. The one about how products are made fron raw materials until packed.

    My aim right now is to produce those medicines again, and help kids. With you not being at Pula-Madibogo anymore, some kids might struggle with the head sores, fungi etc. So ma'am, I cannot start this without you, you have the methods, you have more knowledge on this. And this is your project, I could not just hijack it.

    All I need is your help, confirmation and blessings. Stay blessed.


  • Teaching with technology :Through the skills from the then MASTEC ,Microsoft ,School Net and COZA CARES once every Friday(FRIDAY TECHNOLOGY) I take learners in our mini media lab to use the tools to augment their learning. Some time they skype with schools outside the country about collaborative projects like reading, national symbols etc. The main aim being to create global citizens who will be able to compete globally with their peers.#Teachersmatter #COCREATESA

    Addressing UNESCO SDG number 4 and 5

  • Collaborative learning through Skype with Middle School Zwettle in Austria, captured by national TV crew


  • Community members whose career was changed for good through technology tools

  • The school can be a hub of service delivery beyond writing and reading

    Incorporating the UN SDG in teaching and learning objectives, makes teaching and learning to be more lively

    The use of practical projects in teaching turn learners into job creators than job seekers at the end of their studies(PBL approach)

    Engaging learners in collaborative projects with learners outside guarantees learners global citizenship

    Educators are less authoritative/ no longer source of information Own model c school is possible in the village

    Lesson learnt

  • Private companies:CPSI,Luna


    University and former student for plough


    Microsoft, COZA CARES, SCCHOOL Net, FTFA,and

    Business people SAPS

    Dep Officials and sister


    SGB and Parents



    It takes the whole community to raise up a child14


  • Plough back project by former students

  • Plough back project -PFI

  • #TeachGlobalGoals

  • Tangible difference made by using Practical projects

    Employed unemployed school parents to render service in greening projects

    Alleviated poverty in many families Augmented school funds to benefit the orphans educational

    needs Produced learners who are now global citizens Parents ownership of school has improved a lot/ less vandalism School of choice Migration of learners from village to former Model c schools is

    fairly reduced

  • Challenges

    Many unemployed parents who cannot be all accommodated in the school projects

    Limited technology resources Sceptic people about IKS in medicine project Many of may colleques are still ore on theory than

    practical(PBL) still believe in standing infront of children and bach

    Our province is not implementing Operation Phakisa in ICT as such many schools are strangers in ICT field

  • On that note,I am invited to attend 6th World Education Congress at Taj Lands End in Mumbai ,India as a nominee to receive Education Leadership award. Get inspired: If I can do it, You can!

    Retired but not planning to slow down anytime soon. Im still continuing engaging community children in practical projects under Phuti Training and Motivational Speaking institution with the aim of igniting and inspiring them in choosing future careers and connecting them with opportunities. Not only children, but youth and educators. On line and home schoolingTeaching and learning is like peddling a bicycle. You need to keep on peddling other wise you will fall

    Way forward

  • Evaluation form