How Can Spanish Telemarketing Make a Difference?

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<ul><li><p>How Can Spanish Telemarketing Make a Difference?</p></li><li><p> Would your business make it a policy to ignore a market of 52 million people, who sport an annual purchasing power of some $1.2 trillion? Thats why you need to understand the important of utilizing Spanish telemarketing in your North American business today!</p></li><li><p>Some eye-opening statistics!</p><p>If the previous numbers werent enough to get you to sit up, consider these:Hispanics are now making up 16.7 percent of the nation's total population, around 52,000,000, and this is growing! Estimates of the future Hispanic population in the United States put it at 132.8 million by July 1, 2050. Right now 1 in 6 Americans are of Hispanic origin.Most Hispanics (59 percent) speak Spanish all the time, with another 33% reporting that they speak Spanish at least half the time. Some 75.1% of U.S. Hispanics age 5 and older spoke Spanish in the home.Hispanic children comprise 23% of the 17 &amp; under U.S. population (over 17 million). This is a 39% increase in the last 10 years. A full 65% of U.S. Hispanics are Millennials, ages 22 to 35.</p></li><li><p>The Benefits of Spanish Telemarketing</p><p> The primary benefit of using a Spanish telemarketing firm is that your Spanish-speaking customers get the attention they need and deserve. Not only are call center employees native-speakers, they also possess a cultural sensibility that is difficult if not impossible to train or manufacture.</p><p> Customer service gets an immediate improvement, as problems and issues are handled in the customers native language, and unnecessary language barriers are avoided entirely. This helps engender trust and comfort with your company, which pays off handsomely down the line!</p></li><li><p> Spanish telemarketing companies are experts at handling many and varied marketing tasks in your business, not the least of which is customer service. They also can help with inbound marketing, social media marketing, non-profit fundraising, SEO, SEM, social advertising, organic marketing, social marketing and conversion rate optimization.</p><p> Investing in Spanish telemarketing is not only about taking care of the obvious needs in your market, but also about business building. Making a clear statement that your company is available and ready to service this massive and growing market segment is an initiative well worth the effort!</p></li><li><p>Which Spanish Telemarketing Firm Is Best?Given the size of this market and the clearly huge possibilities, only the best Spanish telemarketing will do. The clear leader in this market space is ListenUpEspanol. The winner of a Best in Biz Award for Company of the Year in 2013, ListenUpEspanol and their 800+ native-speaking employees are dedicated to reaching the U.S. Hispanic Consumer market for you! With corporate offices located in Portland, Maine, and a cutting-edge call center in Hermosillo, Mexico, ListenUpEspanol is your clear choice for Spanish telemarketing. Give them a call today! </p><p>******</p></li></ul>