how can i help my child with his/her homework? mr. lepetit

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How Can I Help My Child With His/Her Homework? Mr. Lepetit. General Tips. Make sure there is a regulated TIME and PLACE for your student to complete homework. This does not have to be his/her own room, but a place with few distractions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How Can I Help My Child With His/Her Homework?Mr. Lepetit

  • General TipsMake sure there is a regulated TIME and PLACE for your student to complete homework. This does not have to be his/her own room, but a place with few distractionsBy making homework routine you will also be creating a homework culture, in which homework is no longer an afterthought.

  • More General TipsTeach your child to take initiative. The best students are the ones who dont let a hiccup in their homework become an excuse not to do it. I wasnt there that day --> I got the information from a friendI lost the book --> So I borrowed it from the library.

  • Even More Tips!Make sure they have, AND USE, a planner; writing it down on scraps of paper wont do. Teach them time management. If you see in their planner that a project is due in a few days, ask to see tangible progress days before. If none can be produced, ask them to do something.

  • Praise, Dont PunishKids are motivated more by praise than they are by punishment. Encourage kids to do better when they dont do well. It may seem obvious, but children shut down completely if they feel that their efforts will only result in failures and punishment. Tell them you know they can do better.

  • Whos Doing the Homework?Ultimately, its okay for kids to make mistakes on their homework, just as it is in life. Additionally, the teacher needs to see what the students are struggling with. Doing it for them or correcting everything wont teach them anything. Its important that students learn from what they have done wrong, not that they get it right. You wont be there on the SATs.

  • But I Dont Want My Kid To Fail!Of course not! There are ways to help:Encourage them to deepen or expand their writing. Have them take pride in a mature piece of work. Make sure they followed the directions, rubrics, etc.Help them if they dont understand a concept or the steps. Look up math equations, science formulas, book plots, and re-teach it if needed.

  • Set an ExampleIf kids see you reading or getting work done in a silent manner then they are more likely to follow suit. If you watch TV while they are studying calculus they just might ignore that work.

  • What If I Dont Understand What is Being Asked?

  • I Dont UnderstandIts often difficult for teachers to effectively and habitually communicate the motivation and reason for an assignment. Additionally, students are not always the best at communicating what they have to do, which leaves you in the dark.

  • You Have To Do What Now?In that case, ask to see the task, written out, or a rubric, if possible.If thats not possible, talk to your student about what they have been doing in class. Take a peek in their notebook and get an idea of whats going on. (This can be more enlightening than you might think.)

  • Self AdvocacySelf advocacy is one of lifes most important skills. Teach your child to ask when they dont understand something. Encourage them to get better feedback from teachers.This is hard, especially among shy students, but with some encouragement, and a plan, they can do it. Ask one teacher for help today.

  • What happens to all those pencils?Make sure that your child can account for their supplies. Notebooks, pens, pencils, reading books, a planner, these are all things that they will generally need. Get them in the habit of double checking their supplies!

  • Thats funny, last year you got AsA good teacher pushes his/her students.Unfortunately, this means that sometimes they wont perform as well as they usually doBUT THATS OKAY! A failure every now and again, treated properly, can keep kids in check. It can show them that they need to step it up and change how they are doing things. Overcoming a failure can be more valuable than never failing.

  • More than one teacher!Remember, your childs education is not only the responsibility of the teacher, but of everyone at home, too. If you cant remember the quadratic formula, the emperors of Rome, or the point to The Sound and the Fury then dont be afraidto look it up. You and your child can learn together. Your child will learn a lot by watching you.

  • Looking it upDont be afraid to use Google or Youtube or Sparknotes to find information, they can be great resources. Even Wikipedia isnt entirely terrible.

  • Working togetherStudents learn more from what they see at home then what they are taught at school, so keep in mind good habits and do your best to set good examples, and this will make your child a better student.

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