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<ol><li> 1. How an Email got Spam? How to Avoid it? E-mail Marketing Lists Are Collected From Reliable Sources There is a great rush of e-mails due to the business competition. Many people do business through e-mails and do not have time to read the mails which contain advertisements. To avoid such e-mails they send them to the spam. There are some words which send the e-mails to spam. To know how an e-mail got spam and how to avoid it we have to know more about spam. To reach the customers for giving some important information it is necessary to buy or prepare the email marketing lists. The list helps the companies to establish contacts with new customers and retain the relationship with the old customers. The products and services are introduced through the advertisements. E-mail marketing lists are available with the e-mail marketing services. There are many other options like the software for contacting many addresses with just a click. The templates, tools and resources are also available which helps in preparing good e-mail messages. To avoid the e-mail sent to spam there are many words like free. If the e-mails are sent in bulk then the account will be watched for spam. So it is better to start up with small number of messages and then send more messages when necessary. Collect the e-mail marketing lists from a proper source. So many accounts are shut down just for spam and this is a problem for the business expanding process. It is always better to send in mails so that it is not watched by the ISP or the e-mail providers. Sending proper information to the ISP about the business or the information sent to the customers can be highlighted. This should be done in the beginning for clearing any problems of spam. As bulk e-mails helps in improving the sales it is better to be honest with the ISP. The ISP should be cleared with the account and they should be sure that there is no spam e-mails sent. This will help the people to retain their account and thus continue to improve their business through the e-mail marketing lists. Clients and customers can be retained and thus the business can be improved with full fledge. Many people residing any corner of the world can be contacted with e-mails which helps the companies to grow their list of customers. Once the account is stopped for spamming then the reputations is </li><li> 2. completely spoilt. It is necessary to not bring the account to the spam list for getting good customers. It is better to know the rules where the e-mail gets spam. Take all the necessary steps to avoid such a situation. This leads to contacts with many people and thus helps in improving the business. Saving the accounts from spamming is not easy. </li></ol>