horse colors & markings. points of a horse points of a horse are the ears, mane, tail, and lower...

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Horse Colors & Markings

Horse Colors & MarkingsUnit 4 4 days1Points of a HorsePoints of a horse are the ears, mane, tail, and lower legsExample: A bay has all black points

Horse ColorsBlack All black with black points and no brown highlightsBrownDark brown or nearly black with brown highlightsChestnut (also called sorrel)Reddish brown with same color or lighter tail, mane, and legs. No black pointsCan be dark chestnut, red chestnut, or light chestnutMane/tail can be red, brown, or blond

Horse ColorsBayBrown or reddish brown body with black pointsGrayGray or white with dark skin, eyes, and muzzleGrays are born dark colored and grow lighter as they age until they are nearly whiteTrue whites are born with pink skin (Lethal White)Variations of whiteIron grayDapple grayRose grayFlea-bitten grayWhite gray

Horse ColorsDunRed Dun: Dun with chestnut Grullo: Dun with black or faded gray colorBay dun: Dun with bayMouse Dun : Dun with brownHave a dark face, dorsal stripe, leg barring (zebra striping), dark points, and a dark mane and tail

Horse ColorsBuckskinTan colorBlack pointsCremelloHave blue eyes Coat color is creamPalominoGolden CoatWhite mane and tail

Horse ColorsPaintAny color patches and whitePiebaldBlack and whiteSkewbaldAny other color with white PatternsTobianoWhite patches crossing the horses back extends from tail to pollTail can have white in itOveroMostly solid colored bodyWhite patches can be large but do not cross backTail is usually dark

Horse ColorsRoanAre solid colored with white flecking throughout coatStrawberry roanChestnut with white flecks, making them look pinkBlue roanBlack with white fleck, giving it a blue lookRed roanBay with white fleck, making it look red

Horse ColorsAppaloosaRound colored spots on coatPerlinoCream color with rusty pointsPink skinChampagneGreen-Gold colorLight skin



Other Forms of IdentificationBrandsHot BrandsFreezebrandsScarsMicrochips

See worksheet to identify horse markingsQuiz 2 over unit 3 and 412