horse color. bay the bay color pattern is characterized by a black mane and tail black points (black...

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  • Horse Color

  • BayThe Bay color pattern is characterized by a black mane and tail black points (black hairs below the knees and hocks, black muzzle, and black on the tips of the ears), and reddish body.

  • BlackThe black color is characterized as a uniform black color on the body, mane, and tail.

  • Blue RoanBlue Roan is characterized with a mixture of White and black hairs. The roan color is present at birth and doesn't change when the horse gets older.

  • BrownBrown is a modification of the black coat color and is characterized as having brown hairs in the flank areas, muzzle, under the eyes, and on the tips of the ears. Some have lighter body hairs that are brown.

  • BuckskinThe Buckskin coat color is predominantly a shade of yellow, ranging from gold to nearly brown. Points (mane, tail, legs, tips of ears) are black or dark brown. True Buckskins have a dorsal stripe, but the dorsal stripe is not required for registration.

  • ChestnutThe skin color is brown and the hairs a dark red.

  • GreyThe gray coat color is characterized by white hairs mingled with hairs of a dark color. As the horse gets older more gray hairs appear in the coat. The foal may be born a solid color or it may have a few white hairs in the coat. Colored hairs are continually being replaced by white hairs, so that older gray horses are almost white.

  • LeopardThe Leopard color pattern is characteristic of an Appaloosa. The leopard pattern has numerous color body spots, with white around the eyes, the skin is mottled irregular with black and white around the muzzle and genitalia, and the hooves are narrwoly striped vertically in black and white.

  • OveroThe Overo color pattern is basically colored with white spots. Overo guidelines are the white does not cross the back, one or more legs are dark, the head is often time bald, apron- or bonnet-faced, white body marking are irregular spotted or splashy, and the tail is usually one color.

  • PalominoThe palomino coat color is characterized by a yellow body color and a lighter mane and tail which can almost be white.

  • Red RoanRed Roan coat color is superimposed on a basic bay color pattern.

  • SorrelSorrel colored horses are lighter in body color than chestnut horses.

  • TobianoThe Tobiano color pattern is basically a white horse with colored spots. Tobiano guidelines are the white crosses the back, the head is marked like that of a solid-colored horse, all legs are white, at least below the knees and hocks, body spots are regular, oval-shaped and distinct, and one or both flanks are usually dark.

  • WhiteA true white horse is born white. Most white appearing horses are gray that become progressively whiter with age.