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  • Horse Coat Colors

  • Bay

  • Gray skin around muzzle and eyes-Can have white hair, but still called gray

  • White colored skin around muzzle and eyes

  • BlackSolid black in color or with white markings

  • Chestnut colored coat -Reddish colored main and tail

  • SorrelReddish color

    Slightly lighter than the Chestnut

  • Buckskin colored body (yellowish/tan)-Black legs, mane, tail and muzzle

  • Palomino colored main and tail-Yellowish to golden colored body

  • DunColor varies from dark to lightZebra stripes on the legsStripe down middle of the back from mane to tailDark ears and tailNo white markings

  • Paint

  • Tobiano PaintUsually rounded markings with white legs

  • Overo PaintSpotted pattern with dark legs usually

  • Appaloosa

  • Appaloosa BlanketHind quarters are spotted almost any colors, usually browns, blacks, and whites.

  • Appaloosa LeopardSpotted pattern over the entire body, usually black, brown, or red spots.