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  • 1.Rise to Power The Holocaust began with Hitler's rise to power in January of 1933 and ended on VE Day (May 8, 1945). During this time, more than 6 million Jews and millions of other groups that caught the negative attention of Nazi Germany. While all the murders were devastating to native populations, none were so devastating than the Jews. During this period, 5,000 Jewish communities were wiped out and the total that died represented 1/3 of all Jewish people alive at that time.Adolf Hitler

2. History Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in a small town called Braunau Am Inn, Austria. Young Adolf attended church regularly, sang in the local choir and spent hours playing cowboys and Indians. He grew up with a bad name at school and left before completing his high school terms, because he wanted to be an artist. During his lifetime, Hitler was very secretive about his background. He never give his fathers real occupation. He said he was a postal official. He didnt like his relatives to come near him or visit. Hitlers mom died of cancer when he was nineteen. Hitler loved his mother so much. Her Jewish doctor said, I have never witnessed a closer attachment. Hitler carried a picture of her down to his last days in the bunker. 3. How did WWI Influence Hitler? He served in German Army: wounded and received two Iron Crosses for bravery. His First success in his life Blamed Germanys defeat on Jews and Communists. 4. The Nazi Partys Rise to Power: 1928-1933 1928 - Hitlers Nazi Party was a small, insignificant partyhad little success in elections By 1933 however Hitler was the chancellor of Germany. The Nazis had risen from obscurity to power, total power. 5. What Did The Nazi Stand For in 1920s? ABOLISH VERSAILLES TREATYREARM GERMANYGREATER GERMANYDESTROY COMMUNISMSTRONG CENTRAL GOVTREMOVE JEWSLEBENSRAUMDESTROY WEIMAR REPUBLIC 6. What did Hitler offer to the German people?Promises Nationalists - Restore Germany to Greatness Wealthy Industrialist An end unemployment Blamed Others for Germanys Problems Jews November Criminals Weimar Republic Excellent Speaker 7. How does Hitler become Chancellor? Brownshirts Hitlers private army Used speeches and propaganda to gain countrys support Nazi Party gains votes in Reichtag (German Legislature): 1930 = 18% of vote 1932 = 37% of vote Hitler appointed Chancellor (Prime Minister) in 1933 8. What actions did Hitler take The Leader? Rebuilt Army & Opened Weapons Factories Stopped reparations payments Economy improved New Jobs - military sector Decreased unemployment Began planning for expansion of the Third Reich 9. Hitlers Destruction of Jews Adolf Hitler, murderer of millions, or known as master of destruction and organized insanity. Hitler was seized by an obsession with the Jews all his life. The Nazi Fhrer had always been straightforward about his plans - his dream of a racially "pure" empire would tolerate no Jews. He announced at many occasions the "annihilation of the Jews" living in the territory under his control. In Hitler's mind, murdering millions of Jews could only be accomplished under the confusion of war, from the beginning he was planning a war. The European Jews were the primary victims of Adolf Hitler.In 1933 nine million Jews lived in the 21 countries of Europe that would be occupied by Germany during the war. By 1945 two out of every three European Jews had been killed.What that Aryan the Jewish Problem? was Germans were the Master Hitlers beliefRace blond hair, blue eyes. Blamed Germanys problems on the Jewish Racism and propaganda used to create distrust and hatred against Jews and non-Aryans. 10. Adolf Hitler 11. PROGRESSION OF DISCRIMINATION TOWARDS JEWS The NAZI party and Adolf Hitler seized power in 1933. they slowly began their program against the Jews of Germany In 1933 there were 566,000 Jews living in Germany. Each new year in Germany led to harsher policies directed towards the Jews. 12. Stripping of Rights Nuremberg Laws (1935) stated that all German JEWS were : stripped of German citizenship fired from jobs & businesses boycotted banned from schools & universities marriages between Jews and Aryans forbidden forced to carry ID cards Passports stamped with a J forced to wear the arm band of the Yellow Star of David Jewish synagogues destroyed forced to pay reparations and a special income tax 13. Nature is cruel, so we may be cruel, too I have the right to remove millions of an inferior race that breeds like vermin -Hitler...the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.You have no right to live among us.You have no right to live ! 14. Boycott of Jewish Businesses 1933 - Germany Sets up idea that Jews are not Germans and isolates themSA pickets, wearing boycott signs, block the entrance to a Jewish-owned shop. The signs read: "Germans, defend yourselves against the Jewish atrocity propaganda, buy only at German shops!" and "Germans, defend yourselves, buy only at German shops!" 15. 1936 SS Deathshead division is created to guard camps Heinreich Himmler is appointed Chief of the German Police Olympic games in Berlin, Jews treated better for two days Jews are not allowed to teach Germans not allowed to be accountants or dentists Eternal Jew exhibit opened in Germany this promoted stereo-types of Jews and warned Germans19371938 Nazi troops enter Austria League of Nations considers helping Jews fleeing Hitler, but no country will take them Jews are not allowed to practice medicine 16. Kristallnacht Night of Broken GlassNovember 9-10, 1938. on the Night of Broken Glass Jewish shops and synagogues are damaged, destroyed and looted 26,000 Jews are arrested, 91 die further economic and political persecution of Jews would follow it marks the ominous beginning of the Holocaust 17. Treatment of Jews during the 1930sPublic mistreatmentBurnt synagoguesLooted stores 18. POLAND 1939Sept. 1, 1939 Nazis invade Poland 3 million Jews Hans Frank becomes governor of Poland Forced labor decree issued and all Jews must wear yellow stars1940 German Jews are deported to Poland Total of 600,000 Jews Nazis invade the Soviet Union Jewish population of 3 million Hitler issues infamous Commissar Order SS Einsatzgruppen follow advance of German Army1941 19. The Ghettos First used in Poland when Nazis invaded in 1939 Areas where Jews were forced to live in certain cities. Comparable to prisons Everyone was put to work for the Nazis Many people died from the labor, conditions, and disease. 356 ghettos in Poland, the Soviet Union, the Baltic States, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Hungary were established by the Nazis between the years 1935 and 1940.Warsaw, the largest ghetto, existed of about half a million people, and Ldz, the second largest ghetto, had 160,000 people. On the other hand, the smallest ghetto only held 3,000 hostages. 20. The Nazis Point of View Most of the larger cities closed the The Nazis considered the ghettos in with either stone or brick wall, Jews to be natural carriers of wooden fences, or even barbed wire. all diseases, especially For once the victims stepped into the Typhus. ghetto or death camp, there was no leaving. Otherwise if someone tried to These excuses gave them the escape there was a death penalty. right to move the Jews away from the Polish population and The Warsaw ghetto had a wall ten feet high topped with barbed wire at the top. into Jewish neighborhoods. The Jews were thankful that they were going to be safe. Little did they know they were headed to an experience of a life time. Through all this torture there was still room for a smile 21. Warsaw Ghetto Facts ghetto with about The Warsaw ghetto was the largesthalf a million people held there. Warsaw was established on October 2, 1940. Jews were forced to work in a metal shop under terrible conditions along with other tiring jobs. Only 300 calories of food were offered daily by carrying your ration card. (see next slide) The food and water was unsanitary. While overcrowding, rampant diseases, and starvation were also many troubles. To help families with money, children were found selling books on the streets. Only 113,000 poles were evacuated from this area in order to create The Warsaw Ghetto. 22. WARSAW GHETTO 23. Located in impoverished part of the city. Dilapidated housing with no electricity or water. 30% of the population squeezed in 2.4% of the citys area. Population density: 9.2 people per room. 128,000 people per square kilometer. Warsaw and Lodz housed 1/3 of the Polish Jews under Nazi control. Lack of food a major problem. Malnutrition and disease rampant.The situation in the Jewish quarter is catastrophic. The corpses of those who have died of starvation lie in the streets. The death rate, 80% from malnutrition, has tripled since February. The only thing that is issued to the Jews is 1.5 lbs of bread per week Oberfeldkommandant, May 1941 24. A tram at the entrance to the Warsaw Ghetto Why did the Nazis create ghettoes? To thwart the black market To thwart Jewish subversion To stop the spread of diseas. 25. A German guard checking Jews papers 26. A Jewish beggar playing the violin in the ghetto A starving woman lying in the street Children Dying of Starvation in the Ghetto 27. The Warsaw Uprising On April 19, the first night of Passover, Nazi soldiers arrived in the ghetto to deport more Jews. They were greeted with pistol shots and hand grenades. 28. Sadly, many Jews will not survive 29. A man carries away the bodies of dead Jews in the Ghetto of Warsaw in 1943, where people died of hunger in the streets. 30. What tactics did the Nazis use to get the Jews to leave the Ghettos ? New arrivals at theDeceptionThe Jews were told that they were going to resettlement areas in the East. In some Ghettos the Jews had to purchase their own train tickets. They were told to bring the tools of their trade and pots and pans.Death