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Do corporate citizens and human citizens act the same way? Since corporations were acknowledged to be citizens under the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, what can we expect from our fellow "citizens?" Robert Monks presentation for "Citizens Response to Citizens United" conference, Ann Arbor, MI, May 2014.


  • Human or Corporate Behavior
  • Behavior: Mode of Functioning Corporate Goals Human Goals or
  • Human Goals Fairness, sharing & equality Pluralism of interest groups Encourage a variety of perspectives Cooperation
  • Corporate Goals Power & efficiency CompetitionTop-down Hegemony
  • Behavior: Ethical Guide Corporate Goals Human Goals or
  • Human Goals health, survival, and well being substantial equality of worth long term care for spiritual and emotional aspects of life
  • Winner takes all Short term Efficiency Material Corporate Goals
  • Behavior: Measure of Accountability Corporate Goals Human Goals or
  • Human Goals Principle-driven Holistic Internalize full impact of functioning Conserving through rules & citizen values
  • Corporate Goals Rule Driven Cost-benefit calculationResource -depleting Externalize costs
  • Behavior: To Whom Accountable Corporate Goals Human Goals or
  • Society as a whole Internalize full impact functioning citizens personal accountability Human Goals
  • Corporate Goals No personal accountability The market place Resource- depleting Stakeholder/ shareholders
  • Robert A. G. Monks Twitter: @BobMonksNews Facebook: Robert Monks


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