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<ul><li><p>9/7/2015 HistoryTimeline:EventsofAncientHistory</p><p>https://talecup.com/historytimelineeventsofancienthistory/ 1/20</p><p>HOME FEATURED</p><p>History Timeline: Events of Ancient History</p><p>With every passing second, newevents are taking place all around theworld. Eachone of them brings about some change that is seen to bein direct effect on upcoming time. This text covers information aboutancient history. The period ranges from 3500 B.C.E. to 500 C.E. butsome of the basic pre-historic events are included here.</p><p>This list compiles one of the greatest events that happened inancienthistory. We are not generalizing on events.Most significantevents that took place include the following:</p><p>Natural EventsBirth of ReligionsCivilizationsAdvancement in TechnologyArtists and CreatorsWarsReligious Propagation and much more.</p><p>The data mentioned here may contain ambiguity. Exact time anddatewhen an event happened or its location can be commented on. Wewelcome suggestions in comments. 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Thisdocument is long for reading altogether. I recommend downloadingthe PDF Version or Bookmarking this page.</p><p>Timeline: Events that changed ourworldWe start our journey from ancient history with a few events andmoveto modern history. Not everything on this list will interest you. Take alook at the index below and skip to the topic that you find relevant.Ancient history is a wide subject. We handpicked the best of eventsthat make the list complete. Suggestions are welcomed.</p><p>Index</p><p>1. Big Bang: The Universe Gets into Creation2. Formation of Earth3. Extinction of Dinosaurs4. The Great Pyramid Constructed5. Hammurabis Code: First Legal System6. First Olympic Games7. Siddhartha Gautama Attains Enlightenment8. Leonidas and the Brave 300Spartans9. Socrates Made to Drink Poison</p><p>10. Platos Academy11. Alexander Battles for Issus12. Ashoka Commits to Peace13. 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To those who have had thefascinating experience of getting in touch with Physics, you may knowthat.Everything in this worldcame into creation at the time of BigBang. This includedMatter, Energy, Space and Time.</p><p>Temperatures in the range of billions of Kelvins were prevalent at theevent. The density of matter being thousands of times greater thanthat of steel. Even atoms and other subatomic particles cannot stayinstable form.Everything came out of singularity. Big Bang wasperhaps one of the greatest events in world history.</p><p>GET MORESTUFF LIKE</p><p>THIS</p><p>INYOURINBOX</p><p>SIGN UP NOW</p><p>we respect your privacyand take protecting it</p><p>seriously</p><p>We aim to provide qualityand unique content.Please read our terms onhow privacy of readers ishandled here</p><p> When browsing on</p><p>Talecup.com you can besure that your privacy is</p><p>not at risk.</p><p>Subscribe to ourmailing list and get</p><p>interesting stuff andupdates to your</p><p>email inbox.</p><p>Enter your email here</p><p>CONTENT POLICY</p><p>SECURE BROWSING</p></li><li><p>9/7/2015 HistoryTimeline:EventsofAncientHistory</p><p>https://talecup.com/historytimelineeventsofancienthistory/ 4/20</p><p>The Hubble space telescope pointed to a location that seemed to beempty space. The area was of size equal to 1/10th of that of the moonin its nearby region. Light collected for four months in a rowgenerated an image. The area that seemed empty and dark in realityhosted dozens of galaxies far bigger than our Milky Way. Our point ofinterest being many of them where as far as 13 billion light years.Wecould see how our universe looked at the time of its creation, i.e. in itsearly stage.</p><p>Big Bang is atheory published in late 1950s. It still remainsunchallenged with positive opinion from most of the researchers.</p><p>2. Formationof EarthEvent Name: Formation of EarthEvent Time: 4.5 billion years ago</p><p>Primordial Earth Art Concept Image: Wikipedia</p><p>As one can roughly state, our planet is about one-third of the age of</p></li><li><p>9/7/2015 HistoryTimeline:EventsofAncientHistory</p><p>https://talecup.com/historytimelineeventsofancienthistory/ 5/20</p><p>universe. One can see from the graphic that historic situation of ourplanet was not meant support any life forms. There was total absenceof atmosphere. This resulted in frequent collisions from asteroids andcomets. The landscape was laden with molten lava and hot rocks.Temperatures werehigh for any life forms to survive. Water wasabsent on the surface of earth. Due to this, it took at least anotherbillion years until first life forms came into being.</p><p>It is also believed in theory that there occurred a collision of our planetwith a large heavenly body. Thismade its axis of rotation tilted. Debristhrown out was enough in quantity to form our Moon. The formationof earth took placewith the formation of our solar system. Everythingof a Dust-Cloud composed of Hydrogen and Helium.</p><p>3. Extinction of Dinosaurs from thePlanet</p><p>Event Name: Dinosaurs ExtinctionEvent Time: 65 million years ago</p><p>Cretaceous Tertiary Extinction Event</p><p>Scientists have long debated on what was the reason behind theirextinction. Not only did the Dinosaurs got wiped from the planet butalso several species of other animals, plants, marine animals, birdsand reptiles. Most theories suggest that a large asteroid hit the earthscattering the debris over large areas and resulting in Tsunamis,</p></li><li><p>9/7/2015 HistoryTimeline:EventsofAncientHistory</p><p>https://talecup.com/historytimelineeventsofancienthistory/ 6/20</p><p>Volcanic eruptions and subsequentBlackout due to atmosphericpollution.</p><p>The extinction of dinosaurs was not the biggest extinction event inworld history. There have been many other where more than 95% ofliving species went extinct after the event. Despite this fact, dinosaurshave been researched and fancied upon the most by paleontologistsmaking it to our list.</p><p>4. The Great Pyramid ConstructedEvent Name: Construction of the Great PyramidEvent Time: 2575 B.C.E.</p><p>The Great Pyramid at Giza Image: Wikipedia</p><p>Looking at the Great Pyramid, one of the largest monuments till dateand an architectural wonder, it makes one wonder about thetechnological and architectural advancement that human civilizationachieved 4000 years ago.</p><p>Each of the stones, from the 2.3 million blocks of stone used inconstruction of the Pyramid weighted more than a ton. Constructionof such a massive object, about 130 meters high in such a short periodwas astounding. It is structured in a perfect square tetrahedral formwith inclination of the sides matching exact alignment. The GreatPyramidwas aligned with the star Orion to let the soul of king reachthe stars. The tomb for King Khufu is one of the seven wonders of</p></li><li><p>9/7/2015 HistoryTimeline:EventsofAncientHistory</p><p>https://talecup.com/historytimelineeventsofancienthistory/ 7/20</p><p>ancient world and undoubtedly its construction was one of thegreatest events that happened.</p><p>5. Hammurabis Code: First LegalSystem</p><p>Event Name: Existence of Hammurabis CodeEvent Time: 1760 B.C.E</p><p>Hammurabis Code Image: Livescience</p><p>Hammurabi, the king of Babylon from 1782 B.C.E laid down a judicialstructure based on 282 laws creating the first ever noteworthy legalsystem. This has also been one of the earliest scripts to be decipheredentirely. The laws defined in detail what kind of punishments are to beenforced upon specific sets of crime.</p><p>A system of professional judges was also set up to give rulings onvarious cases. Each convict was tried in a proper system of law.Property rights, Marriage rights, and host of other laws were enforced.Even the king was meant to abide by the laws. Some punishmentswere harsh but despite that, the ambiguity in the punishmentenforced upon criminal was removed with endurance of legalprinciples, including collection of evidence, presumption of innocenceand avoiding random justice which was the case in most civilizations atthat time.</p></li><li><p>9/7/2015 HistoryTimeline:EventsofAncientHistory</p><p>https://talecup.com/historytimelineeventsofancienthistory/ 8/20</p><p>Hammurabis code marks a milestone in history due to itscompleteness and the time period when it was enacted. One may findcommunities in current modern period that are playing upon lawsmore orthodox than those at the times of Hammurabi.</p><p>6. First Olympic Games HeldEvent Name: First Olympic GamesEvent Time: 776 B.C.E.</p><p>First Olympic Games</p><p>From this year, the Olympic games were held every year for 400 yearsuntil they were temporarily discontinued. Historians suggest andpopularly believe that the games held at 776 B.C.E. were not the firstones, but first to be recorded. The games were held in a stadium withcapacity of about 40000 at Olympia.</p><p>King Iphitus, 9th century B.C.E was believed to be the one who</p></li><li><p>9/7/2015 HistoryTimeline:EventsofAncientHistory</p><p>https://talecup.com/historytimelineeventsofancienthistory/ 9/20</p><p>arranged the games at Olympia. The games were held every fouryears since then. Such was their importance that the games were usedas a reference to make count of passing years. Olympiad refers to aperiod of 4 years historically used as an unit. Olympic games wereoriginally religious in intent in honor of Zeus. A Greek myth suggeststhat it was Zeus himself who after his victory over his father Cronos,initiated the Olympic games.</p><p>7.Siddhartha Gautama AttainsEnlightenment</p><p>Event Name: Prince Siddhartha Attains EnlightenmentEvent Time: 527B.C.E.</p><p>Siddhartha attains enlightenment Image: speakingtree</p><p>Religious literature describes the life of Gautama Buddha. He satbelow a bodhi tree in meditation at Bodh Gaya. Siddhartha Gautamadeterminednot to move until he reached full enlightenment.</p><p>After seven weeks of meditation, he attained enlightenment on thenight of full moon. Buddha translates to The Enlightened One.</p><p>He travelled for 45 years and preached all over Asia. He laid thefoundation of Buddhism, considered one of the most peacefulreligions. Buddhism as a religion is now followed by over 300 millionpeople. It goes beyond being just a religion. Buddhism preaches the</p></li><li><p>9/7/2015 HistoryTimeline:EventsofAncientHistory</p><p>https://talecup.com/historytimelineeventsofancienthistory/ 10/20</p><p>way of life, being aware of our actions and develop soundunderstanding.</p><p>8. 300Spartans: CourageandDetermination</p><p>Event Name: War Between Persians and SpartansEvent Time: 480 B.C.E.</p><p>The 300 Spartans Image: Visual from the movie 300</p><p>Xerxes achieved both victory and defeat when its massive armyinvaded Sparta. The battle was one of the most significant in thehistory. Sparta was remembered as the one who didnt lost and didntgave up.</p><p>The Persian army with the strength of perhaps 2,50,000 was led byXerxes. He was determined to avenge the defeat of his father Darius.The Persian army aimed at defeating Athenians and conqueringGreece. Spartans decided to fight at land while the Athenians fought atsea.</p><p>Spartan army was numbered no more than 7000, including 300heavily armed Spartans. The defenders worked collectively for 2 daysand fought wave after wave of attacks. The fight was termed Battle ofThermopylae. Eventually a farmer named Ephialtes betrayed theSpartans by showing a way around the mountain, and Spartan armywas surrounded. The final stand by Spartans was ended by Persianarrows.</p><p>The incredible fight put up by Spartans initiated a new wave of</p></li><li><p>9/7/2015 HistoryTimeline:EventsofAncientHistory</p><p>https://talecup.com/historytimelineeventsofancienthistory/ 11/20</p><p>determination among the Athenians. Their resolve to fight wasstrengthened and the cities united.</p><p>9. Socrates Made to Drink PoisonEvent Name: Philosopher Socrates dies after drinking poisonhemlockEvent Time: 399 B.C.E.</p><p>Socrates had a reputation of being a sociopath. He had a band ofdevoted followers and liked to debate on various ideas. He askeddifficult and irritating questions relative to those times and mockedthose in power. He was also associated with some of the discreditedleaders if Athens.</p><p>Socrates was the founding personality of the western philosophy.Plato and Aristotle were one of his pupils, credited for significantefforts on research and thinking. No writings of Socrates by himselfare known, and this event was taken from Dialogues of Plato.</p><p>He was put on trial for disrespecting the gods and corrupting the menof state. He has the option of paying a fine for removal of charges buthe instead chose not to, claiming he had done nothing wrong.Socrates was given death penalty by drinking poison hemlock, a herbthat paralyses nervous system.</p><p>In his last movements, he debated on immortality of soul and life afterdeath with the friends that had gathered around him. He drank thepoison in one swallow and death followed quickly.</p><p>10. Platos Academy: Philosophyand Science</p><p>Event Name: Platos Academy Set UpEvent Time: 387 B.C.E.</p></li><li><p>9/7/2015 HistoryTimeline:EventsofAncientHistory</p><p>https://talecup.com/historytimelineeventsofancienthistory/ 12/20</p><p>Mosaic of Platos Academy dating 1st Century B.C.E.</p><p>Plato was one of the pupils of Socrates and was the founder ofAcademia. Academia was one of the first institutes of higher studies inwestern world.</p><p>It was set in a park of olive groves, and was also used for religiousfestivals and sport events. The area was used for teaching for somedecades before Plato. It is not known if there was an official setup, butPlato is thought is have taught there until his death for 40 years.Aristotle was a regular attendee of Platos Academy for about 20 years.</p><p>Academy survived for several hundred years and became well knowsas the school of philosophers.</p><p>11. Alexander Battles for IssusEvent Name: Alexander Defeats Darius in Battle at Gulf...</p></li></ul>