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Presentacin hecha por el equipo rumano, en el intercambio juvenil "No more gender violence"


  • 1. Europe Romania

2. This is Romania 3. Romania

  • Romania lies in South-Eastern Europe.Its neighbours are Bulgaria (South), Yugoslavia (South-West), Hungary (North-West), Ukraine (North), Moldavia (East), the Black Sea (East). Romanian currency is Leu(RON).

4. History lesson The Romanian history 5. Bucharest-the capital 6. the Romanian flag 7. Where do we come from ?

  • The first tribes to live on the territory of Romania were the Dacians . After the Roman Empire took over Dacia they were called geto-dacs and their first great leader was Burebista

8. getho-dac person 9. Decebal 10. Burebista 11. The Romanian pincipalities

  • Beginning with the 10-th centuryRomania was divided in 3 principalities : Moldavia, Valachia and Transilvania

12. Stefan cel Mare 13. Mihai Viteazul 14. Mircea cel Batran 15. Vlad Tepes 16. D racula ,between legend and reality

  • Dracula or Vlad the Impaler was the son of Vlad Dracul (1436-1442; 1443-1447) Vlad the Impaler used to sign himself Draculea or Draculya - the Devil's son -, a name which was distorted into Dracula. In fact, Vlad was called Tepes (the Impaler) only after his death (1476)because he used to impale al lthose who were wrong .

17. Dracula 18. 19. Bran castle 20. Nicolae Ceausescu, a modern despot

  • Nicolae Ceausescu (1918-1989) was a communist official who was leader of Romania from 1965 until he was overthrown and executed during the events of 1989.

21. Nicolae Ceausescu 22. 23. the rovolution from 1989 24. Romania today

  • Today Romania is a democratic republic member of the European Union, who shares the same values and principals as everybody.

25. Saint Anton church 26. Iasi- cultural center 27. Bucharest 28.

  • Although Romania is a small country we have a very complicated history and these are only a few of the main events that took an important role in creating and developing our nation
  • THE END :D