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<ul><li> 1. MUSIC FORM &amp;STRUCTURE</li></ul> <p> 2. What is Musical Form &amp;Structure?? 3. What Is Musical Form &amp;Structure?? The way music is organized Every piece of music has anoverall plan or structure, the "big picture 4. Whats the Purpose ofMusic Form ?? 5. If We label our musical materials, ideas or sections with the letters of the alphabet we can show how musical forms are createdUnderstand the structure .. 6. Any Single Section of music consisting of phrases orother musical sections, we can call A. This Musicalsection can be repeated to create an AA Form If we Instead chose to add a new section, B we wouldhave the musical form AB. This would be twocontrasting musical sections.If We chose to add another A to an AB form, but this time with variation, we would have the form ABA.( The is used to indicate variation. 7. What are some commonmusical forms??? 8. Common Musical Forms: Strophic - AAA, etc. Binary AB Rounded Binary- AB(A1/2) Ternary - ABA Rondo - ABACA, or ABACADA Arch - ABCBA Sonata Form - Exposition: (Theme Group 1 - Theme Group 2) --- Development --- Recapitulation: (Theme Group 1 - Theme Group 2) Sonata Rondo - ABA - C ABA 9. STROPHIC FORM One Simple Recurring section with no other sections Example: A Blues SongA,A,A etcSTORMY MONDAY BLUES 10. BINARY FORM Two Sections A,B 11. RONDO FORMRondo FormABACABA 12. BINARY FORMTernary FormABA 13. SONATA FORMCAN BE FOUND IN Symphonies Concert Style Music Chamber Style Music 14. NOW YOU KNOW*What is Musical Form &amp; Structure*What are common Musical Forms*Some Styles of Music &amp; there Corresponding Musical FormsNOW LETS COMPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>


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