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HID is a perfect lighting option for the people who wish to get bright light for their purpose. Whether you need them for your automobile or any other purpose, these are the energy-efficient means of lighting.


<p>HID Technology: Perfect Option Of Lighting Transformation In Automobiles </p> <p>HID Technology: Perfect Option Of Lighting Transformation In Automobiles</p> <p>By- XTRALIGHTShttp://www.xtralights.com High Intensity Discharge (HID) is the most recent lighting technology in which light is produced by means of an electric arch linking tungsten electrodes present inside a crystal clear or semi-transparent fused quartz or alumina arch tube.What Is HID?</p> <p>The normal conventional bulbs used to produce enormous amount of heat due to burning of filament. This led to the introduction of HID technology in which filament was replaced with a gas capsule. The light is released from an arch emitted between two intimately placed electrodes present in the small quartz glass. The biggest advantage that these light forms is that they produced bright light. How HID Technology Emerged?When current passes through the metal vapor light is generated. The free electrons collide with an atom in the vapor form knocking the atom present at the higher orbit for a short time. These electrons are displaced and then they return to their former orbits releasing quantum of radiation. The wavelength of emission depends on the energy zone of the distressed electrons and also on the kind of metal vapor used in the arch tube. </p> <p> continue</p> <p>Complete Process Of HID Lighting Technology? Mixture of mercury, argon and other metal halide salts is preferred because these metal halides increase lumen and augment the light color. The gas inside the bulb that facilitates the arch's initial hit which warms up and evaporates the metal salts and forms plasma that significantly boosts up the light formed by the arc and decreases its energy consumption. Lights or bulbs working on HID technology are a kind of arc lamp.</p> <p>Different Types Of HID Bulbs</p> <p>HID Lights Color Temperature</p> <p>White Light: Color of the HID based bulbs and lights are more similar to the color temperature of natural daylight. This can also be defined using a single term "correlated color temperature. Classic color temperatures are 2800K of incandescent, 3000K of halogen, 4100K of SP41 fluorescent or cool white, and 5000K of daylight-imitating fluorescent colors. Increased Light Output: The lumen per watt (LPW) efficiency is approximately 8 times that of an incandescent light.Long Service Life: The life of the HID lamp/light is 3 to 5 times as long as a halogen bulb. In normal usage, an HID bulb lasts further than one thousand ignitions.</p> <p>Advantages Of HID Technology GymnasiumsLarge Public AreasWarehousesMovie TheatersFootball StadiumsPolyhouse FarmingRoadwaysParking LotsPathways</p> <p>Applications Of HID LightsThe basic purpose for the development of this HID technology was to use this technology when high level of light is required. It is the best option when you are looking for both the energy and light efficiency. The areas where the HID lamps are classically used are:</p> <p>continue In DLP or LCD projection televisions, Ultra-High Performance (UHP) HID lamps are used. Using them for the proper growth of the plants which actually need high levels of direct sunlight in their natural habitat is the best example. The reason is that HID lamps, high-pressure sodium and metal halide are the most common source of indoor gardening.</p> <p> HID lamps are also used in high-performance bicycle headlamps as well as other lights. These are employed even in flashlights because they produce an enormous amount of light per unit of energy consumed. Aircrafts and underwater diving are also the areas where HID lamps are used. The relationship between HID technique and automobiles is quite strong which is difficult to express in words. All latest cars launched by any of the existing brands have HID based light forms especially headlights. The principal benefit is that the light produced by the HID headlights is 300 percent brighter than the normal light forms. These are water, weather, vibration, shock and UV Rays protected. There is a brilliant shine in these HID based lights.HID based bulbs are also available and hence people who cannot afford buying lights are purchasing HID bulbs.Benefits of HID Technology In AutomobilesCar with HID Lights</p> <p>THANK YOU</p> <p>http://www.xtralights.com</p>