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Overview of the Hero Archetype, as characterized by Archetypal Literary Theory. With referenced examples taken from film and pop culture.


  • 1.The Archetypal Hero

2. What Do Luke Skywalker, Simba,King Arthur, Moses, WonderWoman, William Wallace, & Optimus Prime all have in common? 3. ANSWER: They are all Archetypal Heroes 4. But what is an Archetype? And what does it have to do with Heroes? 5. Lets start with the two guys who came up with the concept:JosephCarl JungCampbell 6. Archetype: A recurring pattern of images, situations, or symbolsfound in the mythology, religion, art, and dreamsof cultures around the world. 7. Okay, so what exactly characterizes an Archetypal Hero then? And what does this have to do with the characters mentioned? 8. Traits of the Archetypal Hero Unusual Circumstances of Birth Leaves Family and Lives With Others Traumatic Event Leads to Quest Special Weapon Supernatural Help 9. Unusual Birth Often in danger or born into royalty 10. Leaves Family Raised away from-or separated from home 11. Traumatic Event The heros life is changed forever 12. Special Weapon Only the hero can wield it 13. Supernatural Help -The hero often has spiritual guidance 14. More Heroic Traits Proves self on Quest Journey and Unhealable Wound Atonement With Father Spiritual Apotheosis 15. Proves Him or Herself The hero performs heroic feats 16. Journey & Unhealable Wound Hero descends into a hell-like area and sufferswounding from anencounter with evil 17. Atonement With Father The hero either redeems fathers evil deeds or reconciles with father over wrongs done by the hero 18. Apotheosis Hero is rewarded spiritually atthe end of his, or her life 19. Aha! But not all of these characters have all of the characteristics! 20. Thats okay. -They dont reallyhave toAs long as a hero displays several of thesecharacteristics, he, or she, is in the club! 21. Now, can you think of any otherArchetypal Heroes? 22. References Davis, Bryan M. "The Archetypal Hero in Literature, Religion, Movies, and Popular Culture." 11 Oct 1997. Stephen F. Austin University. (07/07/2009).