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<p> 1. SANGEETHA.G (NIS) 2. DISCLAIMER Content of this presentation is on best effort basis and verified by the department. Information in this presentation is as of current date(09/06/15) and the subject to be change with time. Please use your own judgment and information from other sources before relying on this presentation. 3. AIIMS- RAK OPD GATE NO 1 RAK OPD GATE NO 2 GATE NO 3 AIIMS 4. Best Means Public Transport as parking NOT available near OPD premises. HOW TO REACH. 5. PARKING OF AIIMS RAK OPD PARKING GATE NO 2 GATE NO 1 GATE NO 3 6. Starts at 7am Have services every 3 min Have multiple stops like RAK OPD, IRCH, CDER, RPC, PRIVATE WARD BLOCK etc. In case of any complaints contact Mr. Vijay 9890113225 Parikrama Service - AIIMS 7. Parikrama Service Stops - AIIMS RAK PMR RING ROAD IRCH CDER SBI BANK RPC PVT WARD RING ROAD 8. Do take an appointment before visiting your doctor. Appointment can be taken through Web Portal IVRS AIIMS Exit Counters Mobile App- AIIMS@Delhi Mobile Call Centre DOS BEFORE VISITING AIIMS 9. www.aiims.edu Book Appointment APPOINTMENT - WEB PORTAL 10. APPOINTMENT - WEB PORTAL For patients with UHID 11. For patients without UHID APPOINTMENT - WEB PORTAL 12. Call 011-26589999 IVRS ( Telephonic Appointment ) Only patients with UHID can take appointment through IVRS. You will not be able to choose your doctor through IVRS. Appointment to the previously shown doctor will be automatically given. 13. AIIMS Exit Counters For all future appointments of OPD, clinics and investigations 14. MOBILE APP FOR ANDROID 15. CALL 18602583010 Book appointment for any department through call centre CALL CENTRE 16. Come to respective OPD counters for confirmation of appointment CONFIRMATION OF APPOINTMENT 17. Only one attendant to accompany the patient. 18. Hematology OPD Location: Third floor of the main Amrit Kaur OPD block. Timings: Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:30 am to 6.00 pm. Oncology patients are seen on Monday in the Hemato- oncology clinic (HO). New patients are seen all three days. 19. Hematology OPD The department conducts specialty care clinics Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant clinic on Tuesday morning. Hemostasis Clinic (HC) on Thursday morning. Long Term Leukemia survivor Clinic on Saturday mornings. 20. SPECIAL OPDS MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY LEUKEMIA LYMPHOMA MULTIPLE MYELOMA MYELODISPLASTIC SYNDROME CML OTHER LEUKEMIAS IDIOPATHIC THROMBOCYTOPENIA HEMOGLOBINOPATHY ANAEMIA APLASTIC ANAEMIA 21. SPECIAL CLINICS TUESDAY THURSDAY SATURDAY TRANSPLANT CLINIC HEMOSTASIS AND THROMBOSIS CLINIC LONG TERM FOLLOWUP CLINIC PATIENTS PLANNED FOR OR POST HEMATOPOIETIC STEM CELL TRANSPLANTATION PATIENTS WITH HEMOPHILIA,DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS AND OTHER INHERITED OR ACQUIRED BLEEDING PROBLEMS PATIENTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED THERAPY FOR LEUKEMIA AND ARE IN FOLLOW UP FOR LATE SEQUELAE 22. Referred cases Screening (Room no:32) Obtain OPD card (RAK OPD, ground floor) Obtain case file (Room no. 29) Blood investigation (Room no.23) Procedure for consultation 23. Patient history ( Room no:32) Collect investigations report (Room no:29) Follow up (Room no:29) Procedure for consultation 24. Obtain form from Consultants/ Senior Resident Obtain date (Room no.23) Undergo bone marrow investigation (hematology day care 2nd floor, nearby c2 ward) Obtain investigation report after 10 days (Room no.29) Procedure for bone marrow 25. Obtain form from Consultants/ Senior Resident Obtain date (Room no.27, ground floor) Undergo special blood investigations (Npvt 2nd floor) obtain investigation report (Room no.29, 3rd floor) Procedure for blood investigation 26. HEMATOLOGY OPD CLINIC 27. DAYS FACULTY CLINIC REGISTRATION MONDAY Dr.M.Mahapatra Dr.T.Seth Dr.P.Mishra General Hemato-oncology H HO TUESDAY Dr.M.Mahapatra Dr.T. Seth Dr. P. Mishra Bone marrow transplantation HT WEDNESDAY Dr.M.Mahapatra Dr.T.Seth Dr.P.Mishra General Bleeding Hemolytic anemia H HC HA THURSDAY Dr.M.Mahapatra Dr.T. Seth Dr. P. Mishra Hemostasis HS FRIDAY Dr.M.Mahapatra Dr.T.Seth Dr.P.Mishra Aplastic anemia H SATURDAY Dr.M.Mahapatra Dr.T. Seth Dr. P. Mishra Leukemia HI </p>