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Presentation to elementary school parents to help them help their children at home with research


<ul><li> 1. Helping your child with researchIICS librariestips and resources from your school library</li></ul> <p> 2. Start with an overviewEncyclopedia Britannica online istanbulicsPassword: britannicaIICS libraries 3. Reading articles leads to KEYSIICS libraries 4. Important KEYSIICS librariesFrom the overviewKEY - ideasKEY - wordsKEY - questions 5. Information sourcesFinding things at the libraryhttps://iics.follettdestiny.comOur library catalogue.You can search as a guestGrade 2 and over have ownusername and passwordIICS libraries 6. Select the campus your child attendsIICS libraries 7. IICS libraries 8. IICS libraries 9. Find books...IICS libraries 10. Find websitesFilter the websiteto grade levelTeacher selectedand evaluatedOnly availablewhen logged in.IICS libraries 11. Other links...Home pageshows otherusefullinksPasswordson thepamphletIICS libraries 12. Search using the KEYSIn books, websites &amp;Destinysearch using KEYwordsThe BIG word or thesmaller wordsIICS libraries 13. Reading &amp; understandingRead to findanswers toyour keyquestions.IICS libraries 14. Write the answers onlyClose the book ormove away from thescreenWrite the answersfrom memory.Dot jot notes can helprememberIICS libraries 15. Acknowledge sourcesEY3/4 - grade 1: Student says where information came from: Book, website, person, field trip, movieGrade 2 - 4: Title and author of book, website title and url; Name of person and role; field trip - place anddate, Movie title and date.Grade 4 - 6: Title and author, date of publication of book; website title, url and date accessed; interviewperson, role and date of interview; field trip - place and date, Movie title, producer and date.Thanks to the original author * Helps othersIICS librariesBuilds academic integrity from the start 16. Your questions....IICS libraries 17. Amanda Bond Teacher Librarian abond@iics.k12.trIICS librariesLibrary Blog library.iics-k12.comMaria Hodges Library Assistant Literacymhodges@iics.k12.trOzlem Nguvu Library Assistant 18. IICS librariesWorks CitedYildiz, Selda, and Erol Glsen. Istanbul - aerial overview about historical Sultanahmet and Galatadistrict. Digital image. Wikimedia. N.p., 6 Sept. 2009. Web. 15 Oct. 2014.. </p>