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Helping teens rethink their relationship with tobacco. Laurie Schneider Rocky Mountain Center for Health Promotion and Education. With Thanks to Our Funder. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Helping teens rethink their relationship with tobacco

    Laurie SchneiderRocky Mountain Center for Health Promotion and Education

  • With Thanks to Our FunderSecond Chance was developed with funding from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environments State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (STEPP).Amendment 35 voter-approved tobacco tax funds were used to finance program development.

  • Authors/Producers/DevelopersThe Rocky Mountain Center for Health Promotion and Education (RMC) and partners provided project oversight and content direction.Creative Media Solutions and partners connected the dots between content, desired outcomes, instructional design, and programming to develop a sophisticated, experiential tool.

  • Todays ObjectivesParticipants will be able to:Describe key sections of the online program for use by youth and administrators in schools and community settings.Consider the appropriateness of Second Chance for youth in their own settings.

  • What It IsA non-punitive policy enforcement tool.A web-based tobacco education program for middle and high school youth who have violated a tobacco policy at school or in the community. A tracking tool to monitor student progress and download student and local data.

  • Who Its ForYouth may be referred to Second Chance by school personnel, staff associated with community-based youth organizations, or community law enforcement personnel.The program can also be useful for teens who are experimenting with tobacco but have not violated tobacco policy or law.

  • Overview of DevelopmentWeb-based program based on previous video/CD-ROM versions.Content was developed using a number of best practice sources and content experts in Colorado and nationwide.

  • Overview of DevelopmentDevelopment team included experts in:School and public healthClassroom instructionYouth tobacco preventionSchool and community tobacco polices/lawsDesign and programming

  • Development Steps

  • Development Steps

  • Development Steps

  • Youth InvolvementYouth guided the direction of the interface design, look and feel.Focus groups (urban and rural) were conducted in order to guide the website designYouth were used as talent in several program video clips, and for voice over narration

  • Program GoalsIncrease student knowledge of, and compliance with, the tobacco-free school policy and community-based tobacco policy. Increase student awareness about the benefits of not using tobacco.

  • Program GoalsIncrease student awareness about skills and strategies that can be used to resist health risk behaviors. Increase student interest in quitting or reducing tobacco use.

  • Program ObjectivesDescribe why there are tobacco-free policies and laws. Identify myths & facts about tobacco use and addiction. Identify strategies used by the tobacco industry to target youth. Discuss the costs of tobacco use.

  • Program ObjectivesIdentify social norms related to youth tobacco use. Discuss personal tobacco use behaviors. Identify skills needed to resist, quit, or reduce tobacco use. List resources available for youth tobacco prevention and cessation.

  • ContentContent builds from simple to complex to encourage introspective thinking.Move students that are using tobacco into a contemplative or action state.Help students to think about the role that tobacco plays in their lives.

  • ContentMy notebook!Customizable (type, color, stickers, name)Gives an overview of section contentA place to write thoughts/notesContains section reviews that must be passed with an 80% or above in order to move forward in the program

  • Home/Main Navigation

  • Community Section ContentTobacco Myths & FactsBig TobaccoTobacco Laws

  • Tobacco Myths & Facts

  • Big Tobacco

  • Tobacco Laws

  • School Section ContentLaws & SchoolsInfluencesHooked on NicotineTeen Opinions & Norms

  • Laws & Schools

  • Influences

  • Hooked on Nicotine

  • Teen Opinions & Norms

  • Home Section ContentTobacco CostsCommunicationStep-by-StepMy Action Plan

  • Tobacco Costs

  • Communication

  • Step-by-step

  • My Action Plan

  • AdministratorsLocalAdd studentsTrack student progressRMCAdd locationsCreate reports

  • For more informationLaurie Schneider, Rocky Mountain Center, development)Grace Linn, Creative Media, production)

    **Non punitive enforcement tool, part of a comprehensive school based tobacco prevention effort

    Student demographicsPre- and post-test resultsStudent usernames and passwordsStudent progressStudent scores on section reviews

    *******Each section is very interactive and looks different, in order to engage the youth in the content.***


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