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  1. 1. Health Insurance - What Do You Need To KnowYou will be surprised to know that many housewives, unemployed individuals, retirees, privateemployees, government employees as well as out of state citizens of the United States ofAmerica working in different countries are receiving insurance benefit from the Blue Cross andShield health care provider. This organization aims to provide affordable health insurance formillions across the nation. The beneficiaries of Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance plans getthe best medical care after years of hard work.One can never enjoy his or her life to the fullest if he or she has poor health. It can also becomean obstacle in enjoying the fruits of labor in later life as well. This is why, more and moreAmericans are now being aware of the necessity of leading a healthy and clean lifestyle to enjoytheir life to the fullest.The Blue Shield and Blue Cross organization has been formed by two separate entities namedthe Blue Shield and Blue Cross. Many years ago, these two companies merged together to formthe now Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. This organization now has more than thirtyindependent companies under their wing and these providers are operating in various other partof the country.People trust Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association because they are experienced and havebeen working in the health care insurance sector for years. They offer really affordable healthinsurance premiums to be paid monthly for everyone. You can choose from their long termhealth coverage or can also go for their short term health care coverage depending on yourneed and preference.They also offer discounts on general health care, consultation and medical procedures. Theyalso have special plan for medical supply in case you fall in a dire and emergency situation andhave to stay in the hospital for short period of time. Even if you work outside the state, you donot need to worry as they also have special plans for travelers and out of state employers aswell.They come with various kinds of health insurance plans, be it dental plans, teeth coverageplans, eye coverage plan, emergency situations, prescription plans, life insurance plans etc. thatyou can take advantage of as your need.Blue Cross and Blue Shield are known in different names in different states. In Texas, it isknown as the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. They have health plans specifically tailored tocater their customers need. In Carolina, they are known as Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield ofNorth Carolina. Their most popular health care plan is the Blue Advantage. Then there is theBlue Shield of California, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia etc.