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Car Insurance Quotes


Save money on your car insurance with A-Affordable.A-Affordable is your one-stop shop that provides you with choices so you can choose the best car insurance available at the lowest price.From multi-policy and multi-car to good driver and student discounts, we offer a variety of auto insurance choices. Our local agents will help you find the policy that meets your needs and your budget.Whether your driving record includes a DUI, tickets, accidents, or you wantSR-22 insuranceand need to getcheap car insurancefast, we can help. We specialize in low rates even for hard to insure drivers.Our experienced experts do all the leg work for you we have the best carriers, so you can trust us to find the company that matches the best plan and prices to meet your needs.Call us today for a low costcar insurance quoteand let us help you save a bundle!


When youre looking for acar insurancepolicy, decide first on how much coverage you really need. Set the limits you want for each category, the total deductible, and if you are okay with paying that amount in case you do have an accident.Coverage: What Affects My Auto Insurance Rates?3

Consider factors that affect your car insurance billIf you are financing a new car, youre probably going to have to carry higher limits ofauto insurance. But, if you are driving an older car thats not worth a lot, you may save on your insurance by increasing your deductible.Also, what if your car was stolen, wrecked, or if you or someone else got hurt?Figure out the cost of insuring a new, higher-priced car or truck before you buy it. Is your new vehicle worth that higher rate or maybe should you look for a cheaper set of wheels?Where you choose to live will also affect your rate; youll pay more in cities where crime and accident rates are high. Also, if youre single and not married, it might affect yourcar insurancebill. If youre a single male and under 25, youre considered a riskier driver. If you are in this group, do yourself a favor and hold off buying that turbo-charged Scion or Camaro until you are 26, and married!4

Teen drivers have higher insurance rates due to inexperience behind the wheel and risk-taking behaviors. Bottom line they will pay higher insurance rates. Teenagers are also the most likely to be involved in accidents, with 16-year-old drivers over 2.5 times more likely to be in a crash than 20- to 24-year-olds.But there are steps teens can take to get a break on these higherteen driver insurancerates. In addition to taking a drivers education course and if they maintain good grades, they can get a Good Student discount.Teen Drivers Insurance


Insurance Quotes and Multiple DriversIf all drivers dont live at the primary residence and all vehicles are not parked at this address, the rate will be affected.6

Becoming insured by one of the experienced, local experts at A-Affordable is easy! We sell insurance at our local offices, online or over the phone at800-850-7733.