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Hats and more Hats Colours and styles: character and traits and

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  • 1. Hats and more Hats Colours and styles: character and traits and

2. Hats: I never wear them. Seriously, umbrellas and neck scarves, ear-warmers all have their winteruses but not hats, unless in a blizzard and thankfully they are not socommon in Ireland. Family weddings are easy, fascinators all the way. No Philip Treacy creations needed.. Last hat worn was in Sweden 2008..so.. 3. De Bonos hats When I saw the model I knowintuitively I am a mixture of theblue and yellow hats I am always positive, no matterwhat the situation , my motto iswhat are we going to do aboutit And so organised. Order andplan and precisionbut mix yellow and blue=green!! So maybe I have acreative streak I amunleashing. 4. Hat one: white Ok, so dont have a white hatso popped on this one instead. White, not my style, seems tohave no authority or presencefor me. Do not feel either comfortableor uncomfortable. Feel that the white hat ispointless as not flattering, or ofuse, and will get dirty says mypractical mind. Not my favourite. 5. Hat two: yellow Not really Yellow, but it has ayellow band. Love this hat (happy memoriesin Spain) and love yellow. Feel happy in yellow, happyand comfortable. You have to keep positive nomatter what the challenge. The hat reminds me ofsunshine and heat in the body. Yellow and happy and workingwell. 6. Hat three: green Green and Christmas. Can they go hand in hand? Ihope so. Well wearing this hat meansgetting into the Christmasmood, decorating the houseand tree, doing the wrappingand party fun Merry, fun, making things,decorating this. Green does fit the creativelyhat map for me. 7. Hat four: red This hat I associate with GaelicSport and supporting my hometeam. Red and white are the colours.Blood boils with this hat aspassions run high. The team has to work hardand achieve what has been setout and if not the team will facethe un-happy fans, loudlanguage, full on bodylanguage. The team on thefield represents thesupporters. Pressure,aggression, motivated. Not thebest feeling if unchecked, butgood if deadline looming.. 8. Hat five: blue The refined order ofWimbledon is summed up inthis hat and the colour blue. Feel most comfortable in this,not too loud to stand out butelegant and comfortable loving the feeling of order andlogical calm, oh my God, amso obvious! Plan, think, organise,strategise, order, do, analyse,review, methodical, logical, It isme !! Well part of my personality. 9. Hat six: black Black hat: not fun, associate with sombre events and cold dark days. Feel cold and negative and not in a good positive mood. Associate with formal functions, some of which can be fun, but also with funerals and serious issues. Can be too serious for my personality. I may be ordered but I do have a sense of humour! 10. Well Am a blue and yellow girl. They sum up my personality and the colour spectrum means by combiningthey create green..!! It was hard to co-ordinate what everyone else was feeling with this. I felt best in navy blue and then yellow. Of our team of nine: 1 blue Anna 2 yellowish Mary Cruz 3 green Oscar (obviously) 4 red/green Simge 5 Erika to declare 6 Carmen to declare 7 blue Deborah 8 Ilse to declare