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Happy holidays from Spain Park Day Camp!


  • h p y a H o l


    i d a y s

    INSIDE What you will find in the

    2014 SPDC Holiday Newsletter

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    from: Spain Park Day Camp

    PAGE 3


    A fun list of holiday recipes

    for your campers to do in

    the kitchen. Sit back and let Chef School come to you!

    PAGE 4 From our craft room

    to yours, we have

    several DIYs that bring the Christmas

    cheer to your home

    and to others!

    PAGE 6 A list of holiday

    happenings around

    town for a fun

    family outing!

    PAGES 7-12 Holiday wordsearches,

    coloring pages, and


  • w a


    R e

    M o v i n G

    Dear Parents and Campers,

    It is with great excitement that I have the pleasure to share with you

    that Spain Park Day Camp is growing beyond our wildest dreams! It

    has always been my goal to provide our camp family with the best

    camp experience Birmingham has to offer and after several years of

    planning and strategizing we believe this is the time to grow our

    program into the premiere day camp experience in central Alabama.

    Indian Springs School will be our host and Spain Park Day Camp will

    now make the transition to CAMP INDIAN SPRINGS located on HWY

    119. With these new facilities we will now be able to provide a

    traditional camp experience that focuses on the outdoors while still

    providing off-campus activities and field trips for our campers at the

    same affordable pricing.

    Our staff will remain on board as well as many of our counselors as

    they return home from college. In the coming months we will have

    many announcements about special offers for our returning campers

    that you wont want to miss! While we certainly plan to grow, it is our

    sincerest hope that you make the move with us as we made this move

    with you in mind. Please feel free to email us at

    [email protected] with any questions you have!

    On behalf of everyone at Spain Park Day Camp we

    would like to wish you a joyful holiday season. We

    hope you enjoy the activities enclosed to bring SPDC

    home for the holidays!

    Best wishes,

    Joe Carter

  • from the



    white chocolate popcorn snack

    INGREDIENTS 4 Cups popped popcorn

    1/2 Cup white chocolate

    1/4 Cup Craisins


    Pop popcorn and set aside. Over a

    double boiler, melt white chocolate.

    Immediately stir popcorn into the

    melted chocolate, coating evenly.

    Spread popcorn onto a piece of

    waxed paper and let cool

    thoroughly. Toss with Craisins in a

    bowl. If you will be eating the

    popcorn at a much later time, add

    Craisins at that time.

    snowman pizzas

    INGREDIENTS Ready-made Pizza dough

    Tomato sauce

    Mozzarella cheese


    Any other toppings you like


    Place dough on a well-floured

    surface and roll dough to about

    1/4 inch thick. Cut out three

    different sizes to form each

    snowman, by hand or using pastry

    cutters. Assemble snowman on

    baking pan, attaching "balls" by

    pressing together. Add sauce, then

    cheese and Snowman decorations.

    Cut pepperoni into scarves, piecing

    two pieces together, if necessary.

    You can make noses by cutting

    tiny cheddar triangles. Enjoy!

    Reindeer cinnamon buns

    INGREDIENTS Stick Pretzels

    Cranraisins/red candies

    Red string licorice


    Green candies


    Bake your favorite cinnamon rolls

    until golden brown! Break one

    pretzel stick in half and place as

    antlers according to the picture.

    Center the two green candies

    slightly lower between the pretzel

    sticks for eyes. Place raisins to

    the opposite sides of the pretzel

    sticks for ears. Place craisin or red

    candy in the center of the roll

    for the nose. Peel one string from

    the soft licorice stick and tie in

    bow and place at the base of the

    roll. Dip in icing!

    secret recipe! shhhh SPDC REINDEER FOOD

    Mix 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2

    cup oats, and 2 tbsp. of

    glitter together, make a

    Christmas wish, and leave

    outside for the reindeer!

  • Holiday Edition


    ARTS & CRAFTS Spain Park Day Camp is bringing arts and crafts to your home to

    keep your campers entertained this

    holiday season!


    Materials Needed Cinnamon stick

    Holiday-themed ribbon

    Cardstock/decorative paper

    Hot glue gun & glue

    *For Star you may use jewels, button, or glitter


    Cut separate strands of holiday ribbon beginning at 3in. in intervals of half inches down to 1 in. Tie strands in a single knot beginning at the bottom of the cinnamon stick in even intervals so that you finish at

    the top with you shortest strand. Fold cardstock/decorative paper in half like a

    card. Place cinnamon stick in the center of the card by using a hot glue gun. Once the

    tree has been placed and has cooled, place your star of choice on top of the

    cinnamon stick attached to the card. Now write a special holiday message to a family

    member, friend or neighbor!



    First we will use the cardstock to make the shape of your tree Fold your cardstock into the shape of a cone and secure well with tape Cut the excess cardstock off of the bot-

    tom so that the cone can easily stand You may cut as much excess off as you wish but this will deter-mine the height of the tree Once

    you have your cone ready, it is now time to cut the bottom (circle) out of each cupcake liner After you have cut all the bottoms out of the liners begin taping each ruffle to the cone beginning on the bottom You may

    need to use more than one ruffle per layer to make it all the way aroundSecure each layer with tape Once

    your tree is full, you are all finished!

    Materials Needed

    12x12 Cardstock

    Holiday cupcake liners



    Materials Needed

    Round ornament of your choice!

    White paint


    Markers (colors of choice)

    Felt (colors of choice)


    Hot glue gun


    Have you child first select their ornaments they want to decorate Next, paint childs hand with brush evenly coating the hand

    Have the child lay hand flat while you place the ornament in the palm of their hand Have the child lightly grasp the ornament so that all fingers make an even impressionGently let go of ornament while holing it in the center of the child's hand Now lift the ornament from the hand and let dry You may use a blow-dryer or let sit over night Once paint has dried use markers and

    felt pieces to decorate each snowman

    Step 1

    Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

    HOMEMADE GIFTS Ink-blot prints

    What you'll need: Medium-weight art

    paper, small paintbrushes (optional),

    tempera paints, colored cardstock for

    backing, picture frame

    Make it: Fold paper in half and generously

    drizzle or dab paint onto one side of the

    paper fold. Fold the other side of the paper

    onto the painted side and press down.

    Open to reveal design and let dry flat.

    Mount print onto colored cardstock and


    Jolly java jackets

    What you'll need: Old socks, fabric scissors,

    buttons, felt, felt stickers, fabric glue

    Make it: Cut 4 inches from leg of sock to

    form a cup cozy. Add embellishments using

    fabric glue.



    December 17



    December 18 Elf


    December 19 A Christmas Story

    Christmas Vacation


    December 20 Cartoon Matinee

    Its A

    Wonderful Life


    December 21 White Christmas


    December 22 Christmas Vacation

    Winter Wonderland at

    The McWane Center

    Sleigh bells ring.. Are you listening?

    It is the sound of Winter Wonderland

    at the McWane Science Center.

    Bring your family to the most magical place around his holiday season .

    Laughter is in the air as children coast down the Ice Slide and take a

    whirl across the room on the extended zip line. Climb aboard the

    McWane Train and go for a ride or try your luck at ice fishing! Visit

    www.mcwane.org for a complete listing of IMAX showings and holiday

    camps and attractions that are sure to keep your campers busy this

    holiday season.