happy holidays, childrens!

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Post on 19-Nov-2014



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Happy Holidays to all children in the world! And of all adults who have kept the child in you! :) ;) :)


  • 1. Happy holidays, childrens!

2. How to tellhow I love you
I feel this will made by me a poet...
3. Here in the left something in me hurts
maybe this is the heart which beats..
4. I will not cry I'm already grown,
5. even breakfast in the morning prepare quite alone...
6. 7. 8. 9. I see that you have a very nice suit
and therefore you swagger like a peacock
10. I understand you, butremember that
you are very low and have big ears
11. So, my darling you forget about me!
Our roads here are divided, alas ...
12. Created by Vili
13. 14. 15. Happy Holidaystoallchildrenintheworld!
Andofall adults who have kept the child in you!