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<ul><li><p>VitalityHair and Beauty Salon</p><p>PRICE LIST</p><p>at Cambridge Regional College, Huntingdon Campus</p><p>2017 - 2018</p></li><li><p>Staff or student? You will receive a 20% Discount on all treatments on presentation of a College ID badge. Services marked * are subject to 20% off Level 1 Learners.</p><p>Level 2 Level 3 Level 2 Level 3</p><p>Styling Full Head Colour**</p><p>Shampoo &amp; Set 5.00* 6.50 Permanent &amp; Quasi</p><p>Fashion Blow Dry 5.00* 6.50 Regrowth 13.00 15.00</p><p>Cut Only (Spray Down) 4.00 5.50 Short 18.00 21.50</p><p>Cut Only (Shampoo) 5.00 6.50 Medium 22.00 25.50</p><p>Shampoo, Cut &amp; Blow Dry 7.00 9.50 Long 25.00 28.50</p><p>Shampoo, Cut &amp; Set 7.00 9.50 Extra-Long/Thick 30.00 33.50</p><p>Restyle &amp; Finish 11.50 Foils/Meche**</p><p>Conditioning Treatment 4.50* Full Head</p><p>Conditioning &amp; Rough Dry 6.50* Short 19.00 21.50</p><p>Conditioning &amp; Blow Dry 9.50* Medium 22.00 25.50</p><p>Creative Dressing (Hair up) 6.50 8.50 Long 25.00 28.50</p><p>Permanent Styling** Half Head</p><p>Permanent Blow Dry 15.00 Short 14.00 17.00</p><p>Perm** (Short/Mid Length) 13.00 17.00 Medium 16.50 20.00</p><p>Spiral Perm** (Long Length) 26.00 Long 20.50 25.00</p><p>VitaPlex Treatment 7.00 T-Section</p><p>Hair Extensions POA Short 11.50 14.50</p><p>Barbering Medium 13.50 16.50</p><p>Cut &amp; Style 4.50 Long 17.50 19.50</p><p>Wet Cut (Spray Down) 4.00 Infill Between Foils**</p><p>Beard/Moustache Trim 1.00 Regrowth 9.50 10.00</p><p>Patterns 2.00 Short 10.00 10.50</p><p>Scalp Treatment (Free with Cut &amp; Style)</p><p>1.50 Medium 14.00 14.50</p><p>Bleach** Long 17.50 19.50</p><p>Regrowth 14.00 15.00 Colour Techniques**</p><p>Full Head (Short) 16.00 19.00 Cap Highlights 15.00</p><p>Full Head (Mid/Long) 20.00 24.00 Spatula Highlights 16.00 17.00</p><p>Toner Added** 7.00 7.00 Slices of Colour (Each) 5.00 5.00</p><p>Semi-Permanent Colour** Ombre/Balliage 29.00</p><p>Short 8.50 10.50 Dipping 16.00</p><p>Mid/Long 11.00 14.00 Colour Removal From 15.00</p><p>Please note, all colouring services include rough dry only. Cuts, blow drys &amp; styling are extra</p></li><li><p>To book an appointment please call 01480 379379 or email:** Treatments require a patch test, and clients must be 16 and over. </p><p>Level 2 Level 3 Level 2 Level 3</p><p>Hands Hair Removal</p><p>Manicure 7.50 Hot or Warm Wax</p><p>French Manicure 8.00 Full Leg 10.50</p><p>Luxury Manicure Half Leg 6.50</p><p>Paraffin Wax 11.00 Bikini 5.50</p><p>Hot Oil 10.00 Full Leg &amp; Bikini 13.00</p><p>Masque 10.00 Underarms 5.50</p><p>Feet Forearms 6.50</p><p>Pedicure 8.00* Upper Lip/Chin 4.00</p><p>French Pedicure 8.50 Side Burns 4.00</p><p>Luxury Pedicure Eyebrows 5.00</p><p>Paraffin Wax 12.00 Upper Lip &amp; Eyebrows 7.50</p><p>Masque 11.00 Full Face 12.00</p><p>Facial Treatments</p><p>Dermalogica Facial 15.00* Eyebrow Tidy (Tweezer) 3.00</p><p>Make-Up 5.00</p><p>Ear Piercing Body Treatments</p><p>Lobe Only (2 Studs) 8.00 Full Body Massage</p><p>Eye Treatments** Swedish 15.00</p><p>Eyelash Tint 4.50 Hot Stone 15.00</p><p>Eyebrow Tint 4.50 Aromatherapy 11.00</p><p>Lash &amp; Brow Tint 8.00 Back Massage</p><p>Temporary Lashes 5.00 Swedish 10.00</p><p>Strip or Flare Hot Stone 10.00</p><p>Single Lash Extensions (Includes 1st Maintenance)</p><p>20.00 Aromatherapy 11.00</p><p>Lash Maintenance 6.50 Indian Head Massage 13.00</p><p>Lash Removal 4.50</p><p>Threading Crazy Angel Tanning**</p><p>Brows 4.50 Manual Tan (Includes Exfoliation)</p><p>10.00</p><p>Upper Lip 4.00 Spray Tan 10.00</p><p>Chin 4.00</p></li><li><p>Part of Huntingdonshire Regional College</p><p>California Road Huntingdon</p><p>CambsPE29 1BL</p><p></p><p>Like our Facebook page for exclusive offers/VitalityHairandBeautySalon</p><p>For more information and bookings Call: 01480 379379</p><p>Email: </p><p>Our stylists and beauty therapists are all undertaking professional training courses. Fully qualified tutors supervise and manage the </p><p>salon to ensure you have a superb experience with us.</p><p>Cambridge Regional College Huntingdon CampusCalifornia RoadHuntingdonCambridgeshirePE29 1BL</p><p>All prices for services listed in this leaflet are correct at time of print but may be subject to change.</p></li></ul>