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Gypsy Sweater Coat created from upcycled garments


Patriciann Designs Presents

Gypsy Sweater Coat

Table of Contents:SECTION ONE: MAKING THE COAT WITH A TUTORIAL SECTION TWO: MAKING THE COAT WITH A PATTERN Chapter One: Starting Your Sweater Coat 1: Introduction 2: Gathering Your Supplies 3: Choosing Your Sweaters 4: Cutting Your Sweater Chapter 2: The Sewing of the Coat 1: Bodice 2: Skirt 3: Waistband 4: Sewing it together 5: Choosing your Bottom Rows 6: Sleeves 7: Hood 8: Finishing 9: Front Strip Additional Information

INTRODUCTIONWow! These coats are amazing arent they? If you are anything like me, you have long admired them, and longed to own one, but just simply couldnt afford one. I have come to your rescue! When I first saw these coats I fell in love. I admired them for many years.and over those years I have developed my crafting skills considerably. Coming from my original shop Furbabies Boutique, in which I handmade dog clothing, to releasing the patterns to all my dog clothing originals, then opening a new shop, Winter Olive, that is strictly people patterns, to crocheting all kinds of footwear, even outdoor footwear.Ive come along way! And along the way I have met some wonderful people! And my whole reason for making patterns is to help all you wonderful people make amazing items that you cant afford to buy. So here we are. We are going to make this elusive beauty!! Here we go!!

GATHERING YOUR SUPPLIES*Here is where you choose what machine you want to use. You dont have to use a serger. You can use a regular sewing machine. YES! A regular sewing machine. I have both a serger and a sewing machine, and I chose to use a sewing machine for this tutorial because most of you have a sewing machine rather than a serger. If you have a serger and want to use it by all means go ahead. But all the pics etc are of the coat being sewn by a sewing machine. *You will need 5 spools of thread. Dont buy cheap thread here, buy stronger thread. You will have less breakage and the finished coat will be stronger. *Scissors *straight pins *tape measure *15-20 sweaters *Iron

CHOOSING YOUR SWEATERSThe first thing you need to decide is color. For my coat I choose creams/ivorys/white/tans. After you have decided your colors..GO SHOPPING! YAY!!! Head over to your local thrift shop and pick out 15-20 sweaters. Its best to have a couple extra in case you make mistakes. Try to pick sweaters that have longer sleeves. The sleeves are what make the skirt part of the coat.the longer the better. Choose one sweater to use for your bodice. I used a chenille sweater for my bodice, and if I could do it over again I would use something a bit more sturdy. Pick something with a little thickness to it. Your bodice sweater should fit you well, and remember you will be wearing it over clothing so make sure it isnt too small. When you get home, wash your sweaters in hot water and dry on hot. This will pre-shrink them and then you wont have to worry about washing your coat in the future.

The first thing I had to do when creating this coat was figure out all the components. Here is the coat with all its components:

CUTTING YOUR SWEATERIm including this simple drawing to help you. I have also added actual cutting pics in the tutorial. This is how to cut your sweater up. Cut off the collar, sleeves, cuffs and bottom


CHAPTER TWO: THE SEWING OF THE COATHere we go! Get ready to make an amazing work of art! BODICE Here is how to cut your bodice: Save your scraps!!! Cut off the sleeves about 4 inches from the wrist, or right before the elbow. Cut off the collar. Cut up the front in the center. Now try on your bodice. Make a mark one inch below your bust. Lay the sweater back down and cut across on your mark.

Set your bodice aside.

SKIRTNow onto the skirt! This coat has an nice full hemline. Later I will discuss how to make the skirt fuller or less full, but for the coat in the picture continue on. You will use about 10 sweaters here so pick the colors you want in your skirt, and choose the longest sleeves. Take all 10 of your sweaters and cut off the sleeves right in front of the seam. Cut off the cuffs.

Now take a sleeve, cut up the seam, cut off the seam, and cut into pieces. Cut the sleeves to look like long triangles, with a 2 inch width and one end and 6 inch width at the other end. For a fuller coat, increase the wider width even wider.perhaps 8 or 9 inches. Keep in mind if you do that you may need more sweaters for the bottom rows.

If your sweater has extra wide sleeves you can get 3 pieces out of each one.

As you see in the pic above I cut 3 pieces out of t his sleeve. If you want a fuller coat cut your sleeves according to the following:

Arrange your skirt panels in the order you want them to look

Then stack them up in one pile starting from the right and going left.

Set your machine to zig zag st, and to the lowest stitch length it has. Mine was a one. This makes the zig zag really tight and small. I used a size 16 needle, that is what I recommend Starting with the top panel in your pile, take off one, then the next one, placing them WRONG sides together. Start at the skinny end and sew to the wide end. Stitch about 1/8-1/4 inch from the edge. Feed the sweater into the machine with your left hand and stitch, gently pulling from the back with your right hand as it goes through the needle. Repeat until you have all the pieces sewn together.

Now hold your skirt against the bottom of your bodicedo they match? The skirt should be as wide as the bottom of your bodice. If not add or take away panels. Now you have a skirt!

WAISTBANDThe waistband is a rectangle the length of the bottom of your bodice by 4 inches wide. Cut this rectangle out.

TIES FOR WAISTBANDThis is another rectangle. Cut a rectangle approx. 25 inches long and 4 inches wide. Cut the rectangle in half like this:

Now sew around the sides of each tie. I start at the wide end and sew to the tip, then stop. Then I start again at the top and sew down the other side to the tip. Set aside.

SEWING IT TOGETHERPin the waistband to the bottom of the bodice, wrongs sides together. Sew.

Pin the skirt to the waistband, wrong sides together. Sew. WOW!! Now you have a coatsorta!

Try the coat on and check the fit. The waistband should fall right below your bust, if the weight of the skirt pulls it down too far you can fix this. Grab the seam of the bodice/waistband, and sew right up the middle. Then cut off the excess. If you do this you will have to adjust the width of your ties also.

Now attach the ties. Measure in 7-8 inches from each end of your waistband and mark. Pin your ties onto the waistband, and sew one on each end.

Now look at the bottom of your coat. It is probably uneven. If you wanted to make a pixie bottomed coat, leave it as is, and cut some points in each panel, then sew the bottom. If you want a longer coat with rows on the bottom, trim your panels to one equal length. BOTTOM ROWS Measure the bottom parameter of your bottom hem. The strips you cut need to equal that measurement when sewn together, and are 4 inches wide. To make the bottom rows, cut your sweaters like this:

Cut one end open on each strip, then sew them together to make one long strip. Then sew them, one row at a time, onto the bottom of your skirt, wrong sides together. Repeat until you have as many rows as you want.

Your coat is coming along nicely!!! Are you excited??? I know I was!!! Ok now lets do the sleeves.

SLEEVESThe sleeves are just rectangles in descending sizes. Measure your arm 2 inches above the elbow to the middle of your hand. Your sleeves will be this length total. Ok. Cut the rectangles as shown in the diagram. Cut 2 of each so you have 2 exact same sized sleeves. 26 x 4 25 x 2 24 x 4 20 x 6 16 x 2

Now sew them together. Dont line up the edges when you sew, place them approx. 1 inch from the top of the previous strip, then sew to the end. Your finished sleeve should look like this.

Now drape the sleeve over your arm from the point where you started your measurement2 inches above your elbow. Is the sleeve long enough? Too long? Add or take away strips to get the correct measurement. If its the correct length, continue.

Trim off as shown here:

Sew up the seam and your sleeve is done.

Repeat for second sleeve. Then set aside.

HOODDo the same thing as you did with the sleeves, making each piece a bit smaller that the next. With the exception of the first rows at the top of the hood. This is the part that frames the face. Cut 4 rectangles each measuring 4 inches x 30 inches. Then cut descending sizes until you get to the tip. Sew them together the same way you did the sleeves.

After they are all sewn together, lay the hood down and fold in half. Trim up the hood the same way you trimmed the sleeves.

Now sew the seam of the hood, leaving the first 4 strips unsewn. DO NOT sew these first 4 strips together at the seam.

Now set the hood aside.

FINISHINGOk, now we are going to attach the sleeves to the bodice. Put your coat on. Slide one sleeve up and place it onto your bodice sleeve where you want it to be. You may have to trim a bit more of you bodice sleeve to get the length correct. Make a mark or place a pin on the bodice sleeve where you want to sew your coat sleeve onto. Do the same for the other sleeve. Remove your coat, and trim bodice sleeves at your mark. Take your coat sleeve, turn it inside out and slide it into your bodice sleeve opening. Now line up the bottom seams of your coat sleeve and bodice sleeve and sew them together.

Now reach in and pull out your sleeve..ta da!

Now we are going to sew the hood on. Find the center back of your hood and pin it to the center back of your bodice. Start pinning the hood to the bodice

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